4 thoughts on “What kind of pet dog are you raising? what do you think?”

  1. The dog I raised is a natal dog. I think it mainly has the following three characteristics. The first feature is that it is particularly cute. Its looks are a bit similar to the body and the bullfighting dog. It is the ugly and cute type. The second feature is that it is a big food, which is particularly able to eat. As long as it is delicious, it will eat it no matter how much. The third feature is that it is more likely to have skin diseases, and often needs to buy various ointments for it.
    . It ’s very cute. I think the Yaogu is a very cute dog. Its figure is similar to the bullfighting dog. But its appearance will look more ugly than the bullfighting dog, but this ugly varies from person to person. Some people who feel ugly will feel that it is extremely ugly, but the other group will feel particularly cute. I think it is a type of resistance, that is, the longer you see it, the more cute it will be.
    . Big Establishing Ye Dogs is also a food dog. It is really particularly able to eat it. In addition to dog food, it does not like to eat, and basically likes to eat everything. Especially what you fall on the table, whether it is green or what, it is willing to eat it. As long as it is something on the table, you can finish it with a plate of it. Even if it has just finished eating a meal, you will continue to give it other delicious foods, and it will never feel full.
    . There is a relatively bad place in Bag Village, which is prone to skin disease, that is, it is more likely to have skin diseases. I often take a bath for it, so it is not because I do n’t take a bath to get dirty, but it is more likely to have skin diseases. Because it can get skin diseases, I often apply some ointment for it so that its skin disease will get better. In the past year, it has received 2 to 3 skin diseases in total.

    Meremate, remember to like follow forward.

  2. The dog I raised is Samoye; I think Samoyed is particularly cute, my eyes are particularly large, and a white hair is like snow. It is particularly beautiful. I usually stick to me no matter what I do.

  3. I have a pet dog from the Husky variety. I think Husky is very stupid, and I often dismantle the house, making me feel crying and laughing, but it makes me feel secure.

  4. The pet dog I raised is Bomei. This dog is particularly beautiful, has a high face value, and has a docile personality, and is very quiet at home.

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