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  1. In the same city forum, the family raising dogs is sold, and the dog is viewed to determine whether it is a family. You can see the bitch. Generally speaking, buying pure seeds is second. Buying a healthy dog ​​is the first. Relying on your ability to distinguish, some pet shops and dog vendors cheat you, you must look back, don't be deceived.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, where is it, I am inquiring about the relevant information for you, wait a while, and immediately reply to younHello! Here you can find out the purchase route as follows: First, the pet shop's way to buy dogs should be a way for many people to buy pets. Nowadays, more and more pets, the demand for pets has naturally increased, and pet shops are blooming everywhere. Generally, pet stores have sold dogs. Most of these dogs are purchased from the local dog farm to ensure that the number of dogs can be supplied at any time. However, we must also remind parents who want to use this way to buy dogs. The dog's pet shop for dogs may need to be sophisticated. Birth, and dogs living in the dog field are not satisfactory, nutrition cannot keep up, and the baby baby is not so good, so parents who want to buy through this way, it is best to choose a more familiar and reliable pet shop. Essence 2. In the backyard reproduction, buying dog information is purchased. People who raise dogs in a area will establish a communication group, so that everyone can go out to walk the dogs or have problems. During the period, many people choose to breed. However, in fact, if there is no professional screening, such a puppy breeding in the backyard is likely to have genetic diseases, such as common hip diseases. Third, the ways of dog houses to buy dogs and dogs generally have a certain qualification to open it. It is very different from the above dog field. Genetic disease. Dogs that buy this way, the health index is relatively high, but the price will also be relatively high. It is recommended that owners with economic conditions choose this way to buy dogs. I hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life! Intersection Intersection

  3. Buying dogs first pay attention to whether the vaccine is completely injected and whether the personality meets its own needs. If you are picky, you can make sophisticated appearance or descent. It can be selected from the regular dog house, because the sources of the ancestral sources of the dogs are mostly famous at home and abroad, and the puppies are breeding by themselves. The breeding procedures and technology are specialized and standardized. It will also be higher. Many people are used to choosing a pet shop or dog market. The former can choose some good reputation and complete documents for choices.
    What to distinguish the health status of dog babies? It mainly includes the following aspects:
    1, spiritual appearance: The spiritual appearance of the dog is an important Peugeot of whether it is healthy. A healthy dog ​​should be lively, active, and to fresh things. Curious should also have a feeling of fear, and the spiritual quality is also the first signal to the choice. This is an intuitive criterion for judgment.
    2, nose: The dog's nose is moist in a healthy state (but the nose of the dog just waking up is dry); the color of the healthy dog's snot is a transparent nose, if It is a yellow nose and accompanied by cough. It shows that the dog has suffered from a certain respiratory disease, which may be a cold, anecs cough, pneumonia, or the early stage of canine plague. When choosing a dog, you can squeeze some foods in front of its nose with your hands. If it shakes the owner's hand with the owner, it shows that it has no problem with a sense of smell.
    3, eye: The dog's eyes should be clear and clean; the eyes are congested, the eyeballs have white film, and there are a lot of eye feces in the corners of the eyes. When choosing, you can put it in a relatively high place and shake it in front of its eyes to observe its reaction. If it shows fear and dare not jump down, and the shaking of the line of sight shows that its vision is normal.

  4. When buying pets, pure impure should not be regarded as the first requirement. We need to buy healthy, affordable dogs, considering others. You can go to the pet Xiaobao platform to see,

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