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  1. Dogs are called puppies within less than six months. When puppies, their physical resistance is relatively poor. Sometimes there will be some symptoms such as colds. What are the symptoms? How to treat the dog?
    . The symptoms of cold puppies
    m puppies' physical resistance is relatively poor and easy to catch cold. If they are cold, they often show that they are particularly depressed. I like lying on my stomach, and I do n’t like to eat at this time. The appetite decreases obviously, especially to observe its eyes. The eyes may continue to flow the eyes, the symptoms of eyes shit, and there will be continuous runny nose, cough, and even even Breathing will also become relatively rapid. At the same time, the dogs will have a fever and the symptoms of constantly rising body temperature, which shows that the puppies have a cold.
    . Treatment method
    . If puppies must treat it in time, they must give it in time. If these symptoms appear above, give the dog a little cold medicine for dogs. In the hospital, you can also choose a cold medicine for children, but the dose must be less, which can alleviate these symptoms of cold. Be sure to keep warm when the puppies have a cold, especially when the temperature is relatively low in winter, you can put a piece of clothes for the dog, and the cotton pads such as sleeping. Keep warm.
    Is about the symptoms of puppies after cooling. I believe that everyone should understand it. When you find that the puppies have these symptoms, they must be treated as soon as possible. If the medicine is not eased, then you must take the dog to pet pets Further treatment of the hospital.

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