5 thoughts on “What do you think of pet dogs?”

  1. Of course, I have an opinion on pets. Pets are like part of our lives. It is a way to save loneliness and tasteless work. It will bring you extremely happy to disintegrate the busyness of the heart. I like pets very much, because it can bring the happiness in my life, make me feel happy, and let go of the normal troubles, so I like pets very much. There is also a chubby small dog in my family who drilled into people all day, begging to hug, so cute, bringing us a lot of happiness. The cutest part of the puppy is that every time you love what you love, you will hide it and eat every two meals. I do n’t know what I learn from there. The response ability is very fast, very good. So I also like pets.
    The dogs at home can improve people's life interest, nor does it mean that it is not interesting to keep a dog life. Dogs sometimes bring unexpected feelings. For example, a dog's dull movement may make us laugh for a long time. Do you need to say more about home guards. The dogs are at first look at the house. Moreover, the dog's hearing and smell are much higher than people. If there are any emergencies, dogs can report to people as soon as possible, such as earthquakes or something. Can enhance the harmonious relationship between humans and animals. Many people in this society have been lost by various outside things. If there is a dog in the family, you can let your heart be vent. Of course, the venting here is not a vent. Saying the troubles in your heart, the dog will crooce on your knees at this time, listen quietly, you will feel that no matter whether you succeed or not, you always have this loyal partner to accompany yourself.
    Pets are the best family partners to help us drive away loneliness. Pets are very sensitive. When we feel low, pets will "appease" us to prevent us from being sad. But you must not call your pets, and go lingering. Whether it is a kitten or a puppy, they are very loyal. Whether we are happy or lost, they will bring us more love, so we have to give up.
    The two sides of everything are beneficial and disadvantaged. There must be bad places in good aspects. Now let's talk about it. We can't master the dog's temperament, so some dogs will scream at any time period, which will lead to disturbing the people. If the handling is not good, the neighborhood relationship will deteriorate. Dog's hygiene problem, there are many parasites on dogs. This is what we all know. Some parasites can survive in human body. Of course, these are avoided. The church dogs are excreted in one place. After touching the dog, wash your hands completely, try not to directly contact the dog's feces with your hands, and try not to touch his mouth when playing with the dog. Some dogs are very serious. Of course, this is inevitable, especially the hair change period.

  2. I think pet dogs are a good way to solve my loneliness. But once you decide to raise a dog, you must be responsible for it, because it is only you in your life.

  3. Raising a pet dog is actually very good. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. When they are alone, the companion of dogs will really feel happy.

  4. I think that pet dogs can be raised when family conditions permit. Pet dogs can not only bring fun to life, but also reduce pressure on people who work pressure. Essence

  5. Pets are like a part of our lives, bringing a hint of fun to your boring life. I like to raise pets, because it can bring a happiness in my life and make me feel happy. Unfortunately, my mother will not let raising

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