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  1. Speaking of this, I'm not sleepy! As a senior pet enthusiast, although I usually only have cats and dogs in my home, it is not hindered at all. I will appreciate those top wealthy pets. A few hundred million BMW, tens of millions of roosters are eye -opening.
    The most expensive pets, I first thought of beasts such as lions and tigers, but I didn't expect it to be a sweat blood BMW -Do you know how much he is worth! The value of 422 million can't afford to climb. Sweat BMW is indeed the best horses in the world. The reason why it is called sweaty horse is because its skin is relatively thin. When sweating, the sweat is soaked in the fur. The blood vessels under the skin will be clearer, and the body color becomes particularly bright, just like bleeding. Due to his rare varieties and extremely precious characteristics, he was often presented by Turkmenistan as leaders of other countries as national rituals.
    Speaking of the second place, it is also a pet worth tens of millions. It is a Tibetan mastiff called hegemony. It is difficult to imagine its weight of 170 kg. The black fur is the body. Only the face and limbs are reddish brown fur. It looks majestic and domineering, which is worthy of this name. The third place is a metal chicken. I have never seen this kind of chicken. It is produced in Indonesia's bodies black but mixed with a little green in feathers. Known as a metal chicken. Because of the rare types, it is also very complicated to cultivate. The price is extremely expensive. It is equivalent to about 10 million yuan. It is known as the "chicken" Ni "chicken" in the pet industry.
    is also the white lion. In my impression, the wealthy who raised the most lion and tigers is in Dubai. Many royal family will bring the lion tiger home as pets in order to satisfy their wild psychology. Such a large beast eats dozens of pounds every day ... and even some people have specially built a big abundant garden for them.
    This top pets are not only discouraged by the price, but even the breeding method is very harsh, which is really amazing.

  2. What animals are the most expensive pet lists in the world?

    has to say that with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people start to pursue more mental needs. In this process, pets are raised pets. It is a good choice. After all, they are a kind of emotional sustenance. When people are lonely, pets become a very suitable object that can be used to chat with them. Sometimes this point, even your good friends may not be able to do it. To some extent, pet -breeding can not only bring more fun to many people's lives, but also cultivate personal responsibilities and personal sentiments.

    of course, due to the characteristics of some pets or the extremely rare reasons for species, it seems very valuable, resulting in the price of these pets very high. Some pets are some pets. Some pets are some pets. The price is even more expensive than the house car. Let's take a look at what are the animals on the most expensive pet list in the world? First of all, the No. 1 Green Monkey Horse, the pure blood horse called "Green Monkey" is the most expensive pure blood horse in the world. The price of the price reached 16 million US dollars, equivalent to about 112 million yuan, which is the fastest sprint speed among all horses.
    Segisy green leather horses worth $ 16 million, let's take a look at the second most expensive list of buffalo. It is understood that a buffalo named "Horizon" in Africa is as high as 176 million South African Rand, and the conversion is converted. For RMB, it is worth about 72 million. The horizon is a 55 -inch (about 1.4 meter) long horns (the longest in the world). After the South African businessmen bought it at 176 million South African Rand, its value has been promoted to the world The expensive buffalo king. It is understood that the "Horizon" has a total of 4 masters, and according to their previous agreements, the four owners can provide 10 cows and horizontal lines each year, and retain the ownership of their descendants.
    In more, let's talk about the third Tibetan mastiff on the most expensive pet list. From the perspective of the Tibetans, the Tibetan mastiff is a sacred animal that can bring healthy and peaceful. The buyer spent 18 million yuan bought Tibetan mastiff named "Overlord". It is reported that the Tibetan mastiff dog is a mastiff dog. It is a fierce dog species. Its hair color is mostly iron bag gold, yellow, and black. This dog has a strong temperament, noble and proud, powerful power, and agile and healthy. However, the Tibetan mastiff also has its own weaknesses, that is, poor endurance, and puppies have poor memory before adulthood. The most obvious feature of the Tibetan mastiff is that the alertness is particularly high, protects the land, protects food, and attaches good attacks. It has a strong hostility for strangers. Although the Tibetan mastiff seems to be extremely affectionate to the owner, it is the most fierce breed in the world.
    . Finally, let's take a look at the fourth blood tuluki on the ranking. At the National Fish Show in Singapore in 2004, a Japanese collector bought this Special blood red arowana, Ao Jiao's appearance is called the "Fish King" of the Red Arols. This blood -red arowana is north of the north of Lake Xiantaham. Its body shape is generally used in round blunt guns, and the staple food is aquatic animals such as small fish and shrimp. Its main color system is divided into three hair color patterns, and the main color will cover the entire scales, but its hair color generally starts with yellow and orange. When it arrives in Yachenglong, it will send a second color. On the yellow scales, there will be another layer of orange -red color. When it arrives at Jackie Chan, it will further transform into dark red.

  3. The most expensive pet list in the world, the first pure blood horse is worth 422 million, the second Tibetan mastiff, worth 50 million, the third metal chicken is worth 5.97 million, the fourth white lion is worth 990,000, the fifth Ashla cat is worth 61 values ​​61 Wan, there are 132,000 grassland cats and 92,500 macaws in the Writing Credit.

  4. TOP.1 Pure Blood Horse: 422 billion.
    top.2 Tibetan mastiff: 50 million.
    top.3 Metal chicken: 5.97 million.
    top.4 White Lion: 990,000.
    top.5 Ashla Cat: 610,000.
    top.6 锹 锹: 588,100.
    top.7 Grassland cat: 132,000.
    top.8 Palm clockwise parrot: 105,700.
    TOP.9 Win -Credit Vajra Parrot: 925,000.
    top.10 Samoyed: 661,000.

  5. The first 160,000 US dollars, a horse, ranked first.
    The second value is $ 1,200,000, a cow, the most expensive cow.
    The Tibetan mastiff 582,000 US dollars

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