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  1. Puppies are best to buy at professional dog houses or individual breeders, and it is best to vaccinate, and food and dog houses need to be prepared; puppies usually feed 3 to 4 times a day. If it is a puppy within a half months, it is recommended that you feed puppies for milk powder; dogs who just arrive at home cannot take a bath.
    Whether it is a professional dog, individual breeder or a hawker selling dogs on the street, you must ensure that puppies are healthy and vaccinated. There are many unscrupulous merchants to deceive consumers for profits. If it is not judged, it is recommended to take a dog to a pet hospital for detailed examination and communicate with the doctor for the injection vaccine.
    Macor puppy may continue to bark because of restlessness, especially when turning off the lights at night to sleep. Prepare him a comfortable nest or cushion, and put the nest in where he can see you at any time (such as the wall of the bed and the bedroom), which can reduce his fear. If it keeps howling and comforting it once or twice, it will be quiet when it is tired.

    It feeding, puppies usually feed 3-4 times a day. If you are a puppies within a half months, it is recommended that you feed puppies for milk powder (high price) or baby skimmed milk powder, baby rice noodles, oatmeal, and corn porridge. These are easy to digest and nutritional ingredients are suitable for puppies. Puppy for more than 2 months can feed the puppy with dog food. However, to soak, feed. In order to strengthen nutrition, some pet -specific nutrition products can be fed appropriately.
    The puppy just home cannot take a bath, especially puppies without vaccine. If you feel dirty, you can wipe your body with a towel dipped in warm water, or buy a special pet to dry the body (more suitable for long hair dogs). Dogs who have not vaccinated vaccines within 3 months may not bring their homes. The laxative of the puppy who just arrived at home. Generally speaking, puppies do not consciously urinate in the specified place. At this time, pets mainly adopt a tolerance attitude and prepare for training. The normal color of the dog's stool is generally yellow or yellow -brown, and it is also dark or yellow and white, which is mainly related to the food they eat; it is moderate for hard and hard, and it is best to pick up some traces on the ground with your hands.

  2. For the first time to raise pet dogs, you should pay attention to treating it as a part of his family. Pay attention to the dinner every day. Do not feed it according to your own interests. Essence

  3. Be sure to clean up the home, and buy the cage where the dog lives, and also prepare for the dogs to take a bath. They must also prepare dog food, toys, and traction ropes.

  4. One: Don't feed the dog too full, especially the smaller dog. It does not know that saturation is easy to support. Two: Remember to add water to the dog, drinking too much water is not good for dogs. Three: hair should also sort out dogs often, otherwise it will be ugly, and the dogs are uncomfortable.

  5. When raising the dog for the first time, the dog just reached a new environment and it took a certain time to adapt to the environment. Therefore, it is best to raise more than ten days to take a bath for the first time. There is no problem to do it. At the same time, you must pay attention to keep warm when bathing, otherwise you can get a cold. It is best to eat less meals when feeding puppies to prevent dogs from eating too much diarrhea. If the puppy does not vaccine, it is best not to bring out and put it out before the vaccination, and it is best not to take a bath for the dog during the vaccine. When the dog is afraid of the new environment, hug it less, don't scare it, give it a rest and adaptation time, you can put it in a quiet place, prepare food and water, wait for it to adapt to the environment, and then accompany it to accompany it. , Interact with it.

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