1 thought on “Buy outside the Meituan Meituan, Linxiang District, Linxiang District, Lincang City”

  1. SummarynHello, are you going to take a takeaway?nConsultation record ยท Answer on 2021-10-30nBuying hello to buy out of the Miming Garden Meituan, Linxiang District, Lincang City, do you want to take takeaway 1. Open Meituan 2. Select takeaway icons 3. Manual decline and find the takeaway merchants you want to eat, in the menu displayed in the interface display, the menu displayed by the interface display Choose the food you want to eat 4. After selecting, click on the lower corner to settle it. You can choose takeaway distribution and go to the store to pick up the upper right corner.

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