1 thought on “Does Yunxian sell puppy special goat milk powder?”

  1. Yunxian wants to buy puppy -specific goat milk powder. You can choose to go to Yunxian Awen Pet Products Store or a pet product store in Yunxian. According to the inquiry public information, Yunxian Awen Pet Products Store is located next to the old oil depot of Maojia Village community in Aihua Town, Yunxian County, Lintang. Yunxian Pets Life Pet Products Store is located at No. 20, Building B1, Sanjiang Peninsula, Yunxian County. Both stores have goat milk powder for dogs, and the products are diverse. The cost -effective is also relatively high. The product introduces more than ten kinds of vitamins with goat milk powder. At the same time, the protein component is mainly casein and whey protein, which can help the dog’s brain development and intelligence development, making dogs smarter.

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