What should I pay attention to when raising dogs for the first time?

What should I pay attention to when raising dogs for the first time? And how can I raise dogs obedient? What if the dog is frightened? What should I do if I find a flea on the dog?

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  1. With the development of modern life, modern people always want to raise some pets to accompany themselves, and dogs are a good choice, so many people want to try to raise dogs, cute and cute appearances and smart minds. It has attracted many people to try to raise, but there are some precautions for the first dog raising, so let's introduce it to you.
    . Choosing the dog's dog food for the dog's dog food is the daily food of dogs, so it is very important to choose a certain ration, which is equivalent to the diet in our daily life. So we can consult the professionals and buy some suitable dog food, and then observe whether the dogs like and adapt to this rations. If the dog likes this dog food, you can prepare it, or communicate with some friends of dogs. Your own dog food.
    . After preparing the traction rope and the tool, we raised a dog. What we can't avoid is to take it out to walk the dog, and this is also the daily activity of the dog. It is the traction rope, because the traction rope has a very large effect, and there is another problem, because our dogs can control its behavior, and avoiding trouble to those who are afraid of dogs. one.
    . Pay attention to deworming and health problems. Dogs are part of our family. They get along with our human beings everyday, so regular insect repellent is a very important thing, and it is necessary to take a dog to go to it Vaccination is about the health of dogs and owners. It must be paid attention to, and it is also necessary to take a bath regularly. It is a way to keep the dog clean and prevent dogs from infecting infectious diseases.
    The last point to be said is that since we have decided to raise a dog, we must be responsible for it to the end, we cannot abandon it casually, and it is also a life. We have to accompany it. Essence
    OK, the above is some suggestions for novice raising dogs. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

  2. Dogs have changed the environment and needed a certain adaptation time. Generally, it takes more than 10 days to take a bath. Pay attention to it when taking a bath, puppies are relatively weak and easy to cool.
    1 can feed puppies 3 to 4 times. If the puppy is less than 2 months, under normal circumstances. It is best to feed its puppies milk powder. Puch milk powder may be more expensive. You can also feed baby skimmed milk powder, baby rice noodles or corn porridge.
    It three months ago, it is best not to take it out, if puppies do not vaccine.
    Iladed bite, this is to start to grow teeth. At this time, you can buy something like molar rods. It can be used for molars, or it can also be used as a small toy.
    Is to hug less when the dog is frightened, don't scare it anymore, let it rest well. Put it in a quiet place to prepare something to eat. Generally speaking, dogs can recover by themselves.
    The interaction with dogs

  3. If you ask what you ask, you should answer too much trouble, only copy.
    It briefly,
    If economic conditions allow it, eat crown can puppy chicken rice rice formula. The puppy wants to talk about soft food. It is recommended to 4-5 times a day, but a small amount of one time. It is recommended to feed two cups or one and a half cups a day.
    . It can be eaten directly for about a month. Generally, you can change your teeth about 5 or 6 months.
    6 months later, my suggestion is to feed a paper cup to a paper cup and a half a day. (Perhaps others are fed less)
    The most important thing is calcium supplement, and trace elements began to feed in 6 months. You can give me some meat.
    but you ca n’t drink milk, you ca n’t eat chocolate, you ca n’t eat idle, like the salt, soy sauce, MSG, and the like we eat.
    The problem of vaccine is not clear. It is recommended to get imported needles, starting for 2 and a half months to 3 months, and rabies.
    Is to take care of it, it's troublesome, and take it out every day. It is best to once in the morning and once in the evening. But 3 months ago, I suggested that it is best not to let him go out. Usually comb the hair, take a bath at most 2 times a month, don't frequently, because the skin of the dog is different from the people, and you cannot use human shampoo for dogs. Do not irrigate into the dog's ears. Do not let the dog lie in a humid place, and it is easy to get mites.
    The rest of the dog's Lazari problem. I just pulled up the dog (Satsuma) 3 months ago. I came to clean up, but when I saw him urinating Password, I said directly to urine. After 3 months, I bought a special dog toilet for him, and then took him to tell him to urinate, or directly moved the toilet to the corner, so that he could not come out. He was in a hurry, and he urinated it on it, and he gave him something to eat when he urinated. After a long time, you told him to pee, and he went up to urinate himself.
    5 months, he will take him outside. I usually take him out once every 2 to 3 hours, let him pee. After a while, it extended to 4-5 hours. Try not to let him urinate in the toilet, so that he is used to outside. Now my dog ​​is usually 6 in the morning, 2 pm, and 7 pm, peeing and shit outside, and the toilet at home is not used.
    But if you think about it, it is difficult to control it when you were young. My stool pushed him for short, furniture, decorative houses, and shoes. Essence Essence
    The is basically that, the others can't remember. Essence Essence
    It hope to be useful to you.
    (The biggest advantage of raising dogs is not only to bring you fun, but also help you to see it. Last time my thief came away by the dog, although the sled dog did not bite people, but it also looked quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite mighty.)

  4. Don't worry, if you are good to him, you naturally listen to you. If you have fleas, you have to take a bath or spray the medicine pet shop where the flea. Don't eat the meat

  5. Pay attention to which dogs can be eaten and not eaten. Pay attention to the temperature of the dog. Pay attention to the dogs who cannot take a bath as soon as they come back.

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