Where to sell the puppy born in Lincang

I really want a newborn puppy. When I was in school, my family did not allow it to raise. Now I am independent and I really want a dog.

5 thoughts on “Where to sell the puppy born in Lincang”

  1. On the waist street, you are buying it. It is very cheap ~~
    If if you want to buy a famous dog, come to Kunming to buy it. The price is appropriate.

  2. As mentioned above, there are a lot of cheap. You can buy one in a dozen dollars on the waist street. Most of them are "earth dogs" or "Haba dogs" that Lincang said, but when they grow up, they will be very Ugly, if you want to buy a better dog, there is a special pet dog store opposite the front door of Huaxu Community. You can buy them in their store, and you can help you buy it. Look ~

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