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  1. The life of puppies must be regular. Feeding should be timed, quantitative, and nutrition should be balanced. Nutritional disorders cannot be caused to make puppies develop bad problems. Pay attention to prevent vitamin premium (especially vitamin A or D) or calcium deficiency. The puppy should not be full, usually 7 ~ 8 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to feed metamorphic foods. It is best to wash the basin every time feed, so as to prevent dilute or food poisoning.
    In close attention to observe the puppies' urination status and determine whether it is normal.
    The number of stools generally changes with the age of dogs. Big dogs in January several times a day, about 3 times a day in February. The number of stools is related to the type of food: such as feeding meat and rice, the amount and number of times and the number of times are less; for a long time, the number and amount of starchy foods are more. Pay attention to the color, odor and scent of puppies. Normal feces are strip, moderate soft and hard, usually slightly yellow. However, due to the influence of food, such as more meat or fed liver, the feces are usually black.
    Stile frequency also changes with the age of dogs. Big Dog in January, about 2 hours,
    about 5-6 times a day. The urine is pale yellow and clear and transparent. For the first time in the morning, the color is slightly darker, but if you find that the color of the urine has been darker, you must doubt whether you are sick. It is best to go to the animal hospital for examination.
    It per month, it is best to go to the animal hospital for a medical examination, testing large and urinating, and the intestinal parasites when necessary. Note: Find animal hospitals with good reputation and good facilities.
    This puppies are afraid of cold, so whether it is winter or summer, pay attention to the warmth of puppies.
    sm not allowed puppies to be on the ground for a while, so it is easy to cool down, causing dilute or cold.
    Whether it is a small dog or a dog, it is not advisable to take a walk on the road 5 months ago. Because the puppies' bones are not developed, walking for a long time can lead to deformation of the limbs; at the same time, it is easily infected with diseases. You can play and exercise appropriately indoors or courtyards. When the sunlight is not too strong and the outdoor temperature is not too high, the puppies are exposed to the sun and in sunbathing, which is conducive to bone growth.
    2 22 -month puppies should start good habits. First give the dog a nice name, and often call it the name, let her know that it is called her,
    to create a conditional reflection to make it come. The habit of fixed -point urination can also begin. Although the puppies before 4 months will not urinate, and urine will be urinated. It takes 4 months to soak urine, but it can gradually teach it.
    The prevention injection is very, very important! Intersection Intersection
    In 2 months after birth, the antibodies brought by the mother have almost eliminated, and various viral diseases may occur at this time.
    Therefore, the most important thing is vaccination such as inoculation of canine plague, small viruses and infectious hepatitis. A resistance (antibody) can be generated about 2 weeks after vaccine injection. At about 2 months, if the vaccine has not yet been vaccinated and the epidemic is popular or may be infected, it can directly inject the serum of the virus, directly enhance the body's resistance, and then vaccinate the vaccine after 2 weeks.

  2. If you want to raise to the end,
    The puppy you just bought should go to the pet hospital for 3 consecutive days to avoid serum for 3 consecutive days, and then observe for a month. If you are healthy, you can do epidemic prevention. Vomiting, diarrhea and other conditions should be immediately went to the hospital for the test of canine plague and small viruses of dogs, so as to treat them early.
    Mill do you also feed it milk?
    I see that your dog can be weaned. The following is the precautions for feeding food:
    1, do not let puppies have the opportunity to swallow chicken bones, ribs or ribs or Fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then crack. If they do not stay in the throat, they will slide into the body and pierce the stomach wall and intestine.
    2. Do not let puppies eat people's leftovers, because the dog's demand for nutrition is different from humans. Nutrition should be mainly dog ​​food. This feed is prepared by scientific methods. It is delicious, comprehensive, easy to be digested and absorbed, and is very convenient to use. According to statistics, dog foods who have eaten dog food for a long time are more than one -third longer than dog food without dog food. And the smell of appreciation, tone and excrement will be reduced a lot, which is a good gospel for dogs living in the apartment.
    3. Do not give puppies snacks between each meal. If it obeys other training, you can give it a little snack to show encouragement.
    It is also three fixed: food and drinking water are fixed, the place of sleeping is fixed, and the location of dung urine is fixed.

  3. The puppies are not good. Do not feed too much. It is best to buy puppies. Do not eat cold foods. Do not drink milk. You can buy dogs for dogs. Take a little bath, don't catch a cold. Also deworming. Observe not to turn the intestines. Do not let the puppy be too tired every day to protect its sufficient sleep. The dog sleeps much longer than people.

  4. The puppy just bought is almost 2 or 3 months?
    Remember to buy puppies and dog food
    to soak
    let him eat less on the first day
    later Dog food
    can also give her feeding, it is best not to put the spice that stimulates the stomach
    remember not to eat chocolate and milk

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