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  1. First, fruit
    grapes, raisins, Australian nuts, walnuts, avocado; apples, cherries, pears, or fruit -like "seeds and fruits".
    This or more fruits or nucleus should not be fed for dogs, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.
    . Vegetables
    Onions, shallots. Although people eat it, the ingredients are harmful to dogs;
    raw eggs. It should be cooked and eaten, and there may be germs.
    . Seasoning category
    gomema. Cutmem can cause spasm, heart disease, and death.
    . Food
    Animal fat, fried food, leftovers soup. Because these foods are too high, they need to be careful about feeding.
    Plebone bones. Because of the danger of gastrointestinal gastrointestinal.
    five, other
    chocolate (except for white chocolate). Dogs cannot digest and cause poisoning.
    coffee, coffee beans, tea and pocket tea. Because it contains caffeine, dogs cannot metabolize.
    milk. Many dogs have lactose discomfort.
    cat food. Cat food contains too much taurine, which is not suitable for dogs.
    Extension information:
    In addition to taboo food, some people do not use drugs for dogs:
    Alcohol, benzoain laxative, iron supplement, vitamin D supplement, asthma spray, coffee and tea (including caffeine), marijuana or any illegal drug, norfloxacin (commonly known as fluoroprite), human beings, people Anti -fever medicine.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  2. 1. Chocolate and coffee: contain cocoa alkali and caffeine, which can excite the central nervous system and improve heart rate. But for dogs, they cannot effectively discharge cocoa alkali. After taking cocyline and caffeine, the dog's heartbeat rate will rise to more than twice the usual, even endangering life.
    2, seafood: seafood salt content is more than ordinary food, and it has exceeded the basic needs of dogs. In addition, seafood also contains some substances that can cause dog skin allergies, which in turn causes allergic dermatitis, making the dog's skin redoly rash. Some deep -sea fish have high amount of vitamin A, which may also cause dog vitamin A poisoning.
    3, onions and green onions: containing sulfide, which can cause hemolytic anemia.
    4, chicken bone fish bones and other sharp bones: Because the empty structure is easy to bite, it will scratch the esophagus or stomach, causing hemorrhage dysentery.
    5, irritating food: For example, do not give dogs for dogs, ginger, garlic, etc.
    6, food with too much salt: Because there are too many salt and oil, it is not good for the dog's health.
    7, grapes, raisins, raisins: Eating these can make puppies vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness and other poisoning performance, and severe ones can also cause renal failure. rnrnrnrnrn扩展资料rn狗狗可以吃的食物:花生酱、鸡肉、芝士、胡萝卜、酸奶、南瓜、鸡蛋、四季豆、 Salmon, sweet potatoes, etc.
    1, chicken
    For dogs, there are many ways to eat chicken. Cooked chicken can be used as snacks or after meals, but do not feed the dogs with cooked chicken bones, which may be stuck in the dog's esophagus. But the raw chicken and chicken bones can be fed to the dog.
    2, carrot
    The carrots are rich in fiber and vitamin A, and the calories are very low. Bite carrot is also helpful for the dog's teeth. If a dog needs to lose weight, then carrots are a choice that should not be missed.
    3, yogurt
    is rich in protein, calcium and probiotics in yogurt. It is very good for the digestive system of dogs. It is necessary to ensure that yogurt contains active probiotics and is abandoned, without adding sweeteners and spices.
    4, pumpkin
    Printic pumpkin or fresh pumpkin without sugar and spices can be fed to the dog. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and fiber, which is especially suitable for gastrointestinal dogs.
    5, eggs
    eggs can be eaten raw or cooked. Raw eggs, including shells, can be eaten for dogs, and can provide dogs with comprehensive nutrients, protein and selenium. Do not put salt, pepper and other seasonings in cooked eggs.
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer chocolate, coffee, tea, and other caffeine -containing products. Dogs can't eat chocolate, I believe most people know, but why does chocolate cause damage to dogs? The culprit is caffeine inside. Chocolate, coffee, and tea contain caffeine, cocoaine or catexine. These three things belong to xanthine, which are toxic for dogs' hearts and nervous systems. In addition, cola soda, energy drinks, and chocolate products are caffeine, and the owner should pay special attention. Fish bones, poultry bones or bones of other animals. Dogs often appear in cartoons that are very happy to hold a big bone. However, in real life, we are not recommended to feed the dogs for the dogs. The bones of poultry such as chickens, geese, ducks, etc. are very crispy. After the dogs are bitten, they often form very sharp cut noodles. When swallowing, the dog's digestive tract is very easy to be scratched by these bone slices.nDon't look at grapes and grapes and be seductive. Eating more is enough for the dog's life. Because grapes can affect the dog's nervous system and liver and kidney function. Dogs to eat excessive grapes can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea, endangering dog life. Because it is difficult for us to define what is excessive. For safety reasons, we still don't recommend that you feed the grapes to the dog. The 5 big dogs are scary everywhere. The owner wants to help the dog "picky" 4. Onion and garlic, whether it is raw or cooked or made of pink onion and garlic. Onions and garlic contain sulfur and sulfide ingredients to destroy dog ​​red blood cells, causing dog anemia. Some people may say that the taste of onions and garlic is too irritating to the dog, and the dog will not take the initiative to eat. But in fact, many of the processing foods circulating on the market contain the ingredients of onion powder. They are not careful not to let the dogs take in, and the damage to the dog is very great. 5 Dogs are scary everywhere. The owner wants to help the dog "picky eaters" 5. Alcoholic drinks and alcohol have a great lethality, let alone dogs. possible. When the owner feeds the dog, he should pay attention to whether the ingredients of the beverage contain alcohol. As long as it is a drink containing alcohol, you cannot drink it for dogs, because in addition to causing the dog to be drunk, alcohol may cause dogs to coma or even die. 5 Dogs are scary, each of which is scary. The owner wants to help the dog "picky eaters"

  4. Dogs that cannot be eaten by dogs include: 1. Grapes and raisins, fruits of fruits such as grapes and raisins, apples, pear and other fruits. The nucleus contains toxic substances such as cyanide. 2. Seasoning products such as onions, garlic, and green onions, ginger, etc., which causes vomiting and diarrhea, and seize the life of the dog. 3. Chocolate, coffee, xylitol, etc. are actually things containing cocoa alkali and lignol. These are poisoned for dogs. 4. The bones of raw meat and poultry, the former is easy to make dogs in the dog's body, and the latter may scratch the dog's intestines, or cause obstruction. 5, high salt, heavy oil, high sugar food. In these three aspects, once there is a range that can bear the dogs that can bear, it will affect the health of the dog. Therefore, in order to allow dogs to grow up healthy, it is recommended to use good dog food as the main food, such as "not greasy dog ​​food", low -salt formula, selected high -quality meat, with a variety of vegetables develop. Dogs can't eat, try to avoid the shoveling officer.

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