3 thoughts on “What can you eat if a dog can't eat”

  1. I look at it elsewhere, and it makes sense:
    In absolutely do not give the dog chocolate, because the cocoa base in chocolate can reduce the blood flow of the animal to the brain There is a fatal threat.
    WON not to drink milk for dogs. Many dogs have lactose discomfort, especially when puppies drink milk, it is more likely to cause diarrhea and dehydration, and severe death can cause death. If it is a puppy that needs breast milk but no bitch fed, it is best to buy pets for pets for feeding.
    Wons do not eat onions and green onions for dogs, because they contain sulfide, which can cause red blood cells of cats, dogs, sheep, horses, and beef, and easily cause hemolytic anemia.
    The live liver liver is good for dogs, but excessive consumption can cause bones. The liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, which will also cause vitamin A poisoning.
    sm don't give dogs with eggs. The cooked eggs are suitable for it, but the cooked egg yolk should be fed less.
    WON not to give dogs raw meat, it is easy to infect parasites, and it is not easy to digest.
    sm dogs do not eat chicken and duck bones, because chicken and duck bones are too sharp, it will cut the dog's stomach.
    This dogs cannot effectively absorb vitamin C, so it is best not to feed the dogs. Vitamin C's gathering is harmful. Especially grapes and tomatoes, because the skin of these fruits is easy to stick to the respiratory tract.
    It sugar is best not to eat, but if the dog eats toxic food or things that cannot be digested, it will spit immediately, then give it a small tea cup brown sugar water, which will vomit immediately.
    PS: The steamed carrot mud is good for the dog and is an ideal hairy food.

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