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  1. Girls' strength is relatively small, so she must have a gentle and accompanying dog. There are also more dogs suitable for girls, such as German Mu, Golden Retriever and Bomei. The character of these three dogs is relatively quiet. It is very friendly to treat the owner and will not rush when going out. And Mu Mu and Golden Retriever are also relatively large -question, which can give girls a sense of security and protect girls. Bomei is a small dog, it looks cute, and it is easier to take care of.
    To Mu and Golden Retriever are a very good choice.
    If you are not familiar with these two dogs, you will think that these two dogs are fierce, but the situation is completely the opposite. De Mu is also called a monster, and he always screams around the master, coquettish to the owner. Because the plasticity of this dog is very strong, the dogs raised by girls are gentle and will not bite. Golden Mao is simply the best friend of human beings. It is very good for humans. So far, there is no cash bite. Therefore, if girls want to raise large dogs, they can choose German Mu and Golden Rather, which can also give you enough sense of security.
    S small dog Bomei is also very cute.
    Some girls do not like large dogs. They think it is troublesome to take care of, and go to walk the dog every day. Girls can choose to raise small dogs, such as Bomei is a very good choice. Bomei's genes are relatively stable, not particularly easy to get sick, and they eat more things. Bomei's hair is also very soft and comfortable to feel. When the owner raises Bomei, he should often comb his hair, and then make some nutrition creams that can increase hair, so as to make Bomei look good and have a high face value.
    Whether it is raising, girls have to pay time and patience to educate dogs and make dogs develop good behavior habits. If girls do not educate, dogs will not listen to the owner, and they will not like it. It can be seen that education is very important, and the owner must pay attention to.

  2. Corgi, Teddy, Bomei, Golden Retriever, Labrador, these dogs are gentle, and their shapes are not too large. It is very sticky. If you train well, you can also help you in life.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Xiao Chen, your question will be answered by me. It takes a while to sort out the answer. Please wait patiently for 5 minutes ~nGirls are the best to raise Bumei firstnQuestion but hair loss, it is easy to get heart disease and other diseasesnI'm afraid I can't livenAnswer Pomeranian is a delicate small dog breed. They are small and exquisite and full of aura. As one of the most popular breeds of small dogs, Bomei has a lot of fans in the world.nBut it's cutenSecondly, you can consider the poodlenThe poodle is more suitable. Whether it is a giant VIP or a toy VIP, there is a temperament of a natural loved ones. VIP hair is naturally curly, but the hair loss is relatively not serious.nI hope my answer can help you, I wish you a happy life, if you can, you can like it, thank you [Flowers]n7 morenBleak

  4. There are Alaska, Golden Retriever, Husky, Samoyed, Teddy, these are dogs that are very suitable for girls. And it is particularly docile and easier to think.

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