5 thoughts on “Why are pet dogs so expensive?”

  1. 1. Fay dog ​​food, do not feed leftovers and garbage. Thousands of dog food money in tens of thousands of dog food a year can only be given to 2 times a year. What is the salary of dog food money and artificial breeding treatment in one year? How many puppies are sold on average? What about profit?

    2, big dogs have to be vaccinated, triple, four couplets, how much does import vaccine? The vaccine is not only rabies, but also canine plague, which is small. How much money do you check?

    3, a purebred dog mating once, how much does it cost? You inquire.

    4, renting venue, hydropower. How much is every month?

    Mad how much money do you say when you sell a puppy to buy a Mercedes -Benz car and take my wife to live a well -off life? If it is you, how much do you sell?

  2. For a market economy, some people buy it.
    The comparison psychology, if the market is a pet dog A worth 1,000,
    The pet dog B worth 5000 at this time, there will definitely be someone consumption and show off consumption.

  3. There are many types of parrots, and 15 tiger skin is also parrot, and the purple blue diamond 20W is also a parrot. Isn't the dog also have cheap small dogs and valuable blood dogs.

  4. Because it is a pet. So it will be expensive. If the Huangjia idyllic dog is so expensive, who can raise it? Moreover, the pedigree is basically foreign, and the seedlings are expensive. Different prices in the region are different, just like our Chinese pastoral dogs have prices and markets abroad. Reform thoughts

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