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  1. Dogs that can not be eaten by dogs:
    1. Onion and green onions: can cause poisoning. Even through heating, harmful substances will not decompose. Therefore, foods or onions with onions or onions such as burgers must not be eaten by dogs.
    2. Food with too much salt: Although some foods are suitable for people's tastes, such as bacon, they are excessive salt for dogs.
    3. Ice cream and cream cake: There is no need to give dogs for dogs. These foods contain too much sugar, which can easily cause obesity or diarrhea.
    4. Fish bone and chicken bone: Please don't feed these anymore. Because dogs are used to swallowing food into the stomach without chewing. In this way, fish bones and chicken bones often cause vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, and may be stuck in the throat.
    5. Spicy seasoning: Strong irritation, generally strong foods are not good for dogs.
    6. Milk: Although the nutritional value is high, the dog is not easy to digest and absorb, which may cause diarrhea. Please be careful, especially the puppy should not feed.
    7. Vegetables, peanuts, octopus, cuttlefish, shellfish with too much fiber: These are foods that are not easy to digest, which may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.
    8. rice cakes and laver: These may block the throat or stick to the throat, causing suffocation.
    9. Chocolate: The cocoa alkali contained in chocolate can cause dog food poisoning. Data show that 1 kg of dogs eat 9 grams of pure chocolate may cause death. Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, excessive active, heartbeat breathing acceleration, and even cause death due to cardiovascular loss.

  2. Other reply 2: The best food for dogs is dog food. If you ca n’t eat dog food and eat home food, pay attention to ensure nutritional balance. Animal internal organs (note: Do not feed pig liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick it), carrots, etc., can be a dog's food food , Almost not to be cooked after salt. In addition, when feeding puppies and dog food, mix a little warm water. Feeding times: Raw-12 weeks to feed 4-5 times a day; feed 3-14 times a day from 12 weeks to 4 months; 4 months-1 year old feed twice a day; feed once a day after one year old. Note: The puppies have poor control of hunger to prevent gastrointestinal diseases from eating too much. The dog's nutritional elements are omnivorous animals. Generally, people want to eat things, but the nature is still strong. Therefore, as follows, foods containing animal protein are more ambitious. Puppies are extraordinary. About 8-9 grams of protein is supplemented by about 8-9 grams per day. Animal egg white intake of food has a lot of foods, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs, beef liver or chicken liver, milk, etc., which have this identity. However, in general, the fish is still the most abundant, and it should be fed for puppy as much as possible. The nutrients that are second only to protein are fat, and puppies need to be twice as much as possible. Meats and dairy products are still the source of obtaining the lack of fats needed for puppies. Vitamin is an important factor that affects the body of the dog and metabolism. Healthy dogs can synthesize vitamin C in the body, but other foods containing vitamin A, B, B two, B6, D, etc. need to be fed by the owner. It is to set up three meals for dogs, that is, such foods should be included in recipes. Mixing beef liver, chicken liver, eggs, dairy products, etc. mixing in its food, the question that needs to be answered is that dogs may not like to eat these foods, so at the beginning, you should mix some things that you usually like to eat. Food, let the dog eat it, so that it does not cause the errors of shadowing, or there is a scene of vitamin deficiency. Dog food reasonable nutritional ratio puppies: 35% grain 33% of meat: 28% grain 40% vegetables and fruits 30% additive 2% additive 2% of fruits and fruits 30%. When the family was hungry with a big fish and big meat in front of the dining table, she would also want to eat, but in order to consider its health, all foods except for the food should refuse the dog's meals. Good collection: First, the fish and milk that just taken from the freezer (easy to cause lower diarrhea) 2. Squid, octopus, shellfish, shrimp, crab and other seafood (not easy to digest) 3. Chicken bones and fish bones are sharp and hard It is easy to stab the oral and digestive organs, nor can it be feed. (Sometimes it causes intestinal hemorrhage.) Fourth, dessert sugar -stained fruits (the main cause of dental caries and obesity) V. Ginger, curry powder, spicy seeds and other very irritating spices, too much stimulating stomach 6, high salt foods. 7 Foods that are not easy to digest in shiitake mushrooms, fresh grinds, etc., may cause dilute or vomiting. 8. Onion contains poisoning symptoms such as hematuria or anemia after the toxicity of the bonding red blood cells, and after intake of food. Nine, chocolate may also bred toxic things, causing the symptoms such as urination, turning tendons, and sheep madness. 10. Some dogs will cause dilute as soon as they drink milk. When you encounter such a situation, you can feed the dogs to yogurt. 1 1. Puppies effectively avoid feeding ham, sausages, and fish silk containing dual oxygen, pigment and other foods. 1. Do not give dogs a small watermelon, and try not to eat other melon fruits, which can easily cause dilute.

    Il responded 3: Can't eat seafood

    Wee reply 4: poison

    others to eat

    others reply 6: I like to eat liver dogs, although meat is not short, and some dogs like to eat fast, such as cucumber, popsicles, fruits. Divided into a little, it may be effective for changing a bowl. Take it appropriately to run on the grass, and exercise will increase appetite. Milk has nutrition but it is not good for dogs to eat the stomach and stomach. There are also popsicles. In summer, dogs like to eat ice cream but do not give him. Cucumber puppy also loves to eat but wants to eat him in a small piece.

    It others reply 7: A definitely not to eat chocolate chicken bone head some dried fruit items

    P others 8: Can't be able to If you eat salty things, you will lose your hair

    The response 9: salty

    others to reply 10: never eat chocolate chicken bones, some dried fruit items Things, hair loss

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer chocolate, coffee, tea, and other caffeine -containing products. Dogs can't eat chocolate, I believe most people know, but why does chocolate cause damage to dogs? The culprit is caffeine inside. Chocolate, coffee, and tea contain caffeine, cocoaine or catexine. These three things belong to xanthine, which are toxic for dogs' hearts and nervous systems. In addition, cola soda, energy drinks, and chocolate products are caffeine, and the owner should pay special attention. Fish bones, poultry bones or bones of other animals. Dogs often appear in cartoons that are very happy to hold a big bone. However, in real life, we are not recommended to feed the dogs for the dogs. The bones of poultry such as chickens, geese, ducks, etc. are very crispy. After the dogs are bitten, they often form very sharp cut noodles. When swallowing, the dog's digestive tract is very easy to be scratched by these bone slices.nDon't look at grapes and grapes and be seductive. Eating more is enough for the dog's life. Because grapes can affect the dog's nervous system and liver and kidney function. Dogs to eat excessive grapes can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea, endangering dog life. Because it is difficult for us to define what is excessive. For safety reasons, we still don't recommend that you feed the grapes to the dog. The 5 big dogs are scary everywhere. The owner wants to help the dog "picky" 4. Onion and garlic, whether it is raw or cooked or made of pink onion and garlic. Onions and garlic contain sulfur and sulfide ingredients to destroy dog ​​red blood cells, causing dog anemia. Some people may say that the taste of onions and garlic is too irritating to the dog, and the dog will not take the initiative to eat. But in fact, many of the processing foods circulating on the market contain the ingredients of onion powder. They are not careful not to let the dogs take in, and the damage to the dog is very great. 5 Dogs are scary everywhere. The owner wants to help the dog "picky eaters" 5. Alcoholic drinks and alcohol have a great lethality, let alone dogs. possible. When the owner feeds the dog, he should pay attention to whether the ingredients of the beverage contain alcohol. As long as it is a drink containing alcohol, you cannot drink it for dogs, because in addition to causing the dog to be drunk, alcohol may cause dogs to coma or even die. 5 Dogs are scary, each of which is scary. The owner wants to help the dog "picky eaters"

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  5. Don't eat these foods for dogs!
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