5 thoughts on “How to make the dog's hair fluffy and beautiful?”

  1. The first is daily care. Frequent sorting out, avoiding hair knotting, can also promote blood circulation and enhance hair growth.
    It is to take a bath. Before taking a bath, combine the hair open and launch. Use pet professional fragrances, blow dry after bathing to avoid knots.
    is in terms of nutrition, and take more foods containing phospholipids and protein ("US in", etc.). However, the hairy powder on the market should be eaten as much as possible, which contains more hormones.
    can also use some "fluffy fur", sprayed on the dog's hair to avoid static electricity, and fluffy and shiny.
    The key is nutrition and hair care. Of course, the blood of the dog itself is also critical. If it is inherently a dog with a small amount of hair, there is no way. It can only cause a fluffy effect of visual visual by blowing hair (generally a good way to make a referee in dog competitions To.

  2. 1. Foods containing sufficient protein can make dog hair bright. You can eat 1-2 cooked egg yolks per week. In addition, pet shops have beautiful hair powder, US time, and in nutrients. Some.
    2. Frequently sorting out, you can take away the waste hair that has been shed and promote the blood circulation of the dog's skin. In addition, you often take it out for a walk, dry the sun, and it is also good. Salt, add some vegetables to the rice, can make its hair brighter.
    to make the dog hair shine and beautiful. Some people use seaweed or let the dog drink a small amount of vinegar, some people use protein to apply dog ​​hair, etc. Essence These methods are not good. If the hair of the Yorkshine or Marzis dog is used to use protein, once the hair is dry, the hair will be split and broken. Instead, it will damage the hair and damage the hair root, making the hair color dull, and sometimes cause dermatitis or skin disease.
    It to make dog hair shiny and beautiful, you can feed the dogs with more protein -containing feed every day. Adding agents with vitamin E and vitamin D, seaweed foods, vegetables, etc., such as lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., feed less foods rich in sugar, salt, starch and other foods. Obesity and fat accumulation of dogs are generally poor.
    , at the same time, give the dog for more sunbathing, absorb more ultraviolet rays, and exercise frequently to promote the blood circulation of the dog and make the dog grow healthy hair.
    It to protect canine hair, combing it for it every day. If possible, it is best to apply a thin layer of hair oil. To make the hair color bright, be careful not to let the dogs enter the bedroom, you should raise it in a cold place.
    The short -haired dogs such as Dulstu should be wiped with a bath towel after bathing, so that the hair can be moist and cute.
    The long hair dogs such as Beijing Dogs, Malzis, Pomeranian, and Afghan Dogs. After bathing, if you use distilled water with a sprayer, spray a thin layer on the dog's hair, which can make the hair fluffy and look like it looks fluffy. Plum and beautiful.
    It chopped coriander and egg yolk to the dog food can make the dog's fur shiny.

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