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  1. Walking the dog's English: Walk the Dog
    Example: IoftenwatchtvFor a While, and thenwalkthedogwithmydad.
    I often watched TV for a while, and then walk the dog with my dad.
    key vocabulary analysis
    1, walk
    hero [wɔːk]; beauty [wɔk]
    v. Walk; accompany ... walk; walk; steal; walk
    n Walking; walking; sidewalk
    Example: It was only a three-mile want to kabul from there there.
    It only 3 miles from there to Kabul.
    2, dog
    hero [dɒg]; beauty [dɔɡ]
    n. n I hate my dog ​​and lick itself on the ground.
    Pucting data
    . The usage of Walk
    1, Walk's basic meaning is "walking", which refers to the movement that moves the body through the two feet alternate movements other than running and jumping.
    2, WALK can be used as a verb, and then adjective as an expression.
    3, Walk can be solved "execution task, hiking measurement".
    4, except for the "walking horse" solution, is generally not used for passive structure.
    5, WALK is used as a number of numbers, and often uses the uncertain crown word A or an.
    . The phrases of walk
    1, Walk Away turn to leave
    2, space want space stroll
    3, Walk Out

  2. Walk A DOG, using A refers to unspecified dogs. If you see others who do n’t know, you can use it. It is extensively referring to slippery dogs.

    walk the dog, using The specifically refers to a specific dog. If you see the people you know, or you are slipping your own dog, or you just know the dog, use The.

    of course, you can slip your dog yourself, it can be said that Walk My Dog

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