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  1. On June 17, when Mr. Wu in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, when he poured water to his shepherd dog, he was suddenly attacked.
    It is understood that the shepherd was raised by Mr. Wu himself and was usually tied to the chain. When he poured water for the dog, he was suddenly attacked. Mr. Wu said that if it wasn't for me, he would be killed by him.
    Which types of dogs are the easiest to attack people?
    The Gaoto Shepherd is the largest fierce dog in the world. They have strong sports ability and high loyalty. They have developed limbs and extremely strong. It can be said that they have strong aggressiveness for invading enemies.
    Ritara dogs are one of the most courageous and powerful dog species in the world. They have a strong sense of guards. They have a stable personality and rich feelings. They are good guards. Hang on their necks to avoid the loss of money.
    Brazilian Feiller has a scary appearance. It is a very fierce hound that is extremely loyal to the owner, but has a strong aggressiveness and strong tracking ability to strangers.
    Thobari dogs are commonly known as Newborton. They are a very ancient breed. They have folds and cause a daunting appearance. Although the action is slow, it is given to people With a calm feeling, he has a strong territorial awareness, and is extremely unfriendly for strangers who break in without authorization.
    The 1920s, in order to protect the estate from being influenced by wild animals, people cultivated Du Gao dogs. Du Gao dogs have good endurance, have a strong sense of territory, and are extremely good. world.
    is also known as a bull dog. It is a breed of dog breeding for dog fighting dogs. It is very amazing in combat effectiveness. It can be said to be the most fierce hunt in the world.
    Ghanari dogs are dog breeds developed from dog fighting dogs. They are energetic, have high excitement, lively, but they are a very dangerous breed.
    Asso dogs are a standard large -scale dog. They are brave, courageous, and calm. They are a kind of dog that finally owned.
    It is a dog raised by the European royal family and nobles. It is a symbol of the status of the aristocratic status. They are tall, full of muscles, and well -proportioned. They are a large dog. Attack.
    The Tibetan mastiff, also known as the Tibetan mastiff, is a large, very fierce dog, has a strong bite force, has a strong sense of territory. It is rarely allowed to be kept in danger.
    Although dogs are human friends, dogs need to be cautious. Pet dogs can still be raised around. These fierce dogs are still from a distance.

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