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  1. Bit dogs are a kind of precious dog species with beautiful body shapes, developed muscles, superb minds, tenacious will, amazing endurance, and good hygiene habits. This dog is good at running continuously, and the endurance is amazing. The tenacious fighting spirit and tenacity have also made it an excellent bullfighting dog.
    is particularly most commonly used to compare with the Tibetan mastiff. The initial purpose of the birth of this dog is to fight, it is a typical dog fighting dog, so in people's impression, the Bit dogs are fierce and terrible images. Is the Bit dog really so terrible? First of all, it is certain that Bit dogs are generally "dangerous" than many pet dogs, such as golden retriever, Labrado, VIPs, and so on. In simple terms, if this dog is not educated, the consequences are more serious than many other dogs, but this kind of dog is also a very good family guard dog. The world is not only a country raising dogs in China. In places where dogs are strictly stipulated, and dogs with better civilizations and health awareness, Bit dogs can be educated well by capable masters. After all, dogs are not beasts. They have survived with humans for thousands of years. If they are really dangerous like some people described, they have been destroyed. Occasional examples cannot be used for generalization. Otherwise, going to prisons in various countries can explain that all human beings are sinful? Some people say that they ca n’t compare it. People are more noble than any animal. What is noble place in that person is reflected in the right to hurt others and other species? Is there any misunderstanding of "noble"? Speaking of Big dogs, even if it is a dog used to fight dogs, the training of the day after tomorrow is extremely important. So not all Bit dogs are natural fighting lunatics. Friends who study abroad are very good at the bit dogs with neighbors. How can you rub it? The dog is like a small Thailand wearing a bits. Di is the same. Of course, this situation is the same as that of a special person. It is also an example. Don't take close moves for strange dogs. Finally, let's talk about why fierce dogs such as special dogs are banned and many people oppose them. It is not that these dogs are crazy, and they must be dangerous. It is really dangerous if the owners who raise them are not qualified. The larger the fierce dog, the more the owner needs to have a relatively more professional knowledge and better patience, but in fact, some people are now raising dogs to rise for a while, and they do not consider clearly. As a result, these dogs cannot be educated well. Once these dogs who have not been educated grow up, they will inevitably become danger. In the final analysis, it is still a person's problem, the dog's back!
    The dog's hearing is keen. Generally speaking, but to the sudden loud sound, such as lightning thunder, airplane roar, firecrackers, etc., some dogs will show a sense of fear. The living dog has a strong terrorist stimulus. Even the most intimate dog partners and their offspring are afraid to approach, showing the expression of being towering, stepped back, and trembling fear. Sometimes the dog's fear is caused by its unbelievable phenomenon. If there is no life atmosphere but a specimen of life, toys that can make birds and beasts and move, no one is blown by the wind, open umbrellas, etc., all make it difficult for dogs to understand and feel creepy.

  2. The fatal point of the Bit dog puppies is three diseases, the first is small virus, the second is canine plague, and the third is canine coronary virus. These three are the most fatal. Good protection, thank you!

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