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  1. Those friends who raise pet dogs at home will take them every day, go outside to walk, and turn around because the dogs like to go out to the wind.
    Is when we meet other dogs, we hope that they can play together, but sometimes the dogs will fight.
    If it is a male and one mother, it is basically impossible to fight.
    If it is two little bitches, the chance of this kind of thing is not high.
    If it is two male dogs, you must pay attention.
    Puchi will smell each other after meeting each other to determine the sex of the other party.
    If you know that the other party is a male dog, he may do it.
    So when we met other owners walking the dog, we took the initiative to ask each other's dog's gender.
    If found that the two dogs are not right, hurry up.
    Sometimes the two dogs are together, like calm and calm, and they will suddenly bite. The owner wants to pull it, basically it can't be opened.
    Perhaps the owner is not around, and the two dogs may not fight, because we have to know a idiom called the dog fighting.
    It this idiom described very well. The dog's dog around him will look very brave. He feels that there is a backer. If the owner ignores him, he turns away, and he will follow the host to go home. Essence

  2. At this time, the importance of the dog traction rope will be highlighted. When there is a traction rope when walking the dog, you can avoid such a jealous event.
    The dog's territory is very conscious. If it is not a dog in the same community, it will be prone to fighting events when meeting.
    So it is best to send a traction rope to the dog when walking the dog, so if there is an emergency, we can open the dog when we can do it. Don't want to say that you can hold it in the process of dogs preparing to fight without traction rope.
    It should know that the dog at this time is the most excited and unreasonable. No matter who you are close, you will take a bite.
    If you really don't want to restrain the dog, want to let it run freely. Then you have to pay more attention when you walk the dog. When you see a dog coming in the distance, you have to go up to hug your own dog and blind your eyes so that it can not see strange dogs. Dogs will not want to fight.
    This fighting should also be prevented from the source. It is best to even be eliminated by the dog demonstration of the dog. In this way, the hairy children in the family will always be cute.

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