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  1. 1. Is it normal for dogs to have eye shit?
    In normal circumstances, dogs have eye feces, not worthy of attention, because like people, dog eyes and lacrimal glands will also have secretions. Usually, dog -eye feces are light colors. After drying, it becomes brown. Sometimes it is easy to clean up in the corner of the inner eye. But pay attention when there is the following problems!
    1. When the dog produces a lot of brown eyes, it means that the eyes have a problem:
    This eyes are wrong, and the dog's eyes will be particularly more and darker. There will be around the eyes. There are many reasons for dog eyes. It may be because of diet. For example, if you eat too much internal organs like people, it may be inflamed because of stimuli. These health problems will be reflected in eye feces, so dog -eye feces are also unavoidable.
    . What should I do if the dog has eye shit? Method 1: Feed the cooked Hu Yibu and break the feed, and go to the eye shit.
    Method two: dog food. It is best to feed dog food for dog food.
    Method three: Click some related pet beauty tears. Simple tears secrete eye shit without worrying. Generally, it is common in local diseases. You can use pet -dedicated eye drops to reduce inflammation and clean up.
    Method 4: Pay attention when feeding, do not let it eat salty things, and not too much eye shit.
    Method five: You can use warm water or napkin paper to gently wipe your eyes once every day. Be careful not to wipe your eyes directly, and wipe the eyes and tears left in the corners of the eyes.
    Method 6: Persist in using Hangbai chrysanthemum water to wash your eyes or drink it for your dogs every day. At the same time, you can use chloramphenicol eye drops to light your eyes (preferably pets), two or three times a day. For a while, you can see the obvious improvement.
    PS: If the dog suddenly has an increase in eye shit, you need to pay attention to see if the dog's eyes are crying, and see if the eyes are particularly red. Think about what causes it will be caused by what causes the eyes. Essence You can give it a little bit of chloride eye drops for people. Generally, inflammation caused by small stimuli will be used. Usually take a day, the dog's eyes, tears, and red eyes will quickly improve. If it takes a day or two to show no signs of improvement, then you need to take the dog to see the doctor.
    . Dogs with long hair and light colors to clean the eye shit in time:
    of course, there are also this situation. Dogs are more eye feces, so always, there is nothing abnormal, then clean up dogs in time. The work is more important, especially for pale long -haired dogs. Due to a lot of hair, long -haired dogs are easy to enter the eyes. Although, you will find that the eyes of dogs are sensitive than people. Sometimes when you see the root hair in its eyes, it will not have any uncomfortable performance.

  2. I personally think that the dog may get some diseases. You should take the dog to the pet hospital to let the pet doctor check and diagnose it. You can buy some medicines in accordance with the doctor's instructions. It's right.

  3. This may be that the dog is getting angry, so give the dog more water, or take the dog to the hospital, ask the doctor what kind of medicine can give me, and then give the dog for the dog according to the doctor's instructions.

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