Could you please ask what brand of pet goat milk powder is better?

Could you please ask what brand of pet goat milk powder is better?

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  1. Gen Deng’s sheep milk powder is very good. I raised a small side herd before, and the little guy drinking milk would have diarrhea. Later, I chose the brand of Genden. After starting, I ate it for the little guy. I didn’t expect the little guy to drink it very fragrant. After eating for more than a week, I didn’t see that it had diarrhea. Now I have been eating.
    This goat milk powder is obtained from the US FDA certification, and the nutrition is very rich, containing milk protein, DHA, probiotics, and a variety of vitamins. It can also improve dogs’ obedience, reaction, and so on.

  2. Sheep milk is the third largest milk resource after milk and water, accounting for 2.07%of the total amount of milk. Most of the goat milk produced in the world is sold in the form of liquid milk. It is also used for processing cheese, cream, candy, etc. Essence FAO (2004) reports that there are many countries with sheep milk production: New Zealand, the Netherlands, India, Pakistan, France, Spain, Turkey and China. Sheep liquid milk can also be used for medical care. The potential of the sheep -liquid milk market used for medical effects in the United States is huge. It is estimated that at least 12,000 tons (HAENLEIN, 1992) is required each year. Cheese is loved by people in Europe and the Mediterranean regions, and its demand is also increasing year by year. There are countries with more samples in the Netherlands, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway, Spain, and Israel. The cost of goat milk products is higher than milk, and its price is much higher than milk in Europe and the United States. The price ratio in the United States is 2: 1. Some of the wealthy countries and regions in Southeast Asia have also begun to pay attention to goat milk, mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. According to the survey, in the white -collar workers with high economic capabilities, the proportion of recipes for infants and young children to buy formula sheep milk powder is 73.3%. In history, shepherds such as Inner Mongolia and Tibet generally choose to drink goat milk and make milk tea and cheese with goat milk. Most of the herdsmen who grow up sheep milk are tall and strong.

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