1 thought on “What kind of pet dog does not lose hair, no body odor, IQ high”

  1. First, poodle. The poodle has a small body, small food, smart, lively, and more sticky. It is a very good partner dog. It is furry and does not lose hair. There are many hair color. White.
    It Sherry
    Sherry is a kind of stalks. Most of the stalks are not very hair loss, and everyone who has been raised knows that it is not smelly. Pet dogs, and they are particularly sticky and cute, but they just love it too much, so if you take Sherry out, you must pay attention to it, so as not to conflict with other dogs.
    It is also a good choice of Bear dogs. It is native to the Mediterranean. It is a petite, strong white puff -type dog. Big Bear Dog has a docile personality and a very light taste. It will basically not lose hair, and it is quiet and sticky. I like to get along with people. It is very suitable for raising in the city!
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