5 thoughts on “How to cut your dog hair for your own dog?”

  1. This takes a long time to learn and practice, and then pay attention not to hurt it. After all, this makes the mother's haircut the same. You can still expect the good -looking.

  2. If you want to cut your dogs for your own dog, you must buy a professional push on the Internet. But the premise of your dog is enough to be a teacher, because the dogs will have pain when pushing hair. It is best to buy a mouth cover for the dog. It is to prevent them from biting themselves when cutting hair. Be sure to cut the hair first and then take a bath, because there will be a lot of hair in it when cutting the hair. But cutting hair for your own dog, it is best not to cut your face. Because the hair on the dog's face is particularly difficult to grow.

  3. If I cut my dogs for my dog, I have done it myself. I bought a whole set of pushes, scissors, comb, and pull -up combs for the dogs on the Internet. After the hair blows half -dry, cut it shorter with scissors, and then use the push to arrange it. Finally, use a comb to clear it.

  4. 1. The jaw: The long hair at the jaw is not only useless, but also affects the appearance of the face, so the excess part should be cut off.
    2. Eyebrows: When trimming the eyebrows, the scissors cannot be at the eyes, so as not to touch the eyes when the dog moves.
    3. The edge of the lips: the hair growing under the lips must also be cut off. Press its lips when trimming, so as to prevent damage when it suddenly moves. It should be noted that the beard can not cut it blindly, but it is an important detector of a dog!

  5. If you have a lot of hair for your own dogs, you have to buy some professional tools.
    It should pay attention to the puppies when cutting hair. Every time my dog ​​moves very well, you need to hold it alone. Secondly, you cannot cut all the hair. Otherwise Easy to get sick. Be careful near the ears of the neck and the eyes, don’t hurt the puppy

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