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  1. During the year and four seasons, dogs are always easy to cause abnormal conditions because of various problems. As a qualified shoveling officer, you must not only discover problems in time, but also understand basic medical care. What should I do? Dog vomit does not eat. Check the oral cavity to check whether there are foreign objects and wounds in the mouth. If you find that the teeth are rotten, the upper or gums have a mass, it may not be able to eat normally due to oral pain. It is recommended to take a pet hospital for examination and treatment.
    It dog vomiting does not eat food to adjust the diet to see if the dog food expires and odors, whether there are foods that feed cold, stimulate or eat, and oily salt. , And good mental conditions, it is a normal picky phenomenon; the above situation can stop feeding for 12-24 hours, only water provides water, and then fed dog food regularly (preferably liquid food); and dog food needs to replace the taste diligently, for a long time, for a long time, for a long time Eating a kind of greasy, try to add dried meat to dog food to stimulate appetite, or feed dry food into humid foods.
    This dog vomiting does not eat cold to drive the cold and keeps heating temperature alternate. Cold and warm. After bathing, use hot air to dry the hair in time to avoid air conditioning and fans directly to the dog. Do not let the dog lie directly on the floor. Add warm blanket.

    This dog vomiting does not eat. Dogs are deworming dogs vomiting and accompanied by dilutes. There are insects in the excrement, and even the stool with blood. Do the corresponding body deworming treatment. Usually, the owner should regularly remove insects inside and outside the body, and go out to prohibit the dogs from licking things on the ground.
    It dog vomiting does not eat things to enhance sports dogs need a certain amount of exercise every day to promote gastrointestinal motility. If you lack exercise indoors for a long time, the poor digestive function will also cause vomiting and appetite. Or do more training and mini -games at home, with low oil and low -salt containing probiotic snack rewards.
    It dog vomiting or not eat immediately if you find that there are plastic, tape, etc. in the dog vomit, or vomiting with blood; frequent vomiting or retching; fever, loss of appetite, no spirit; accompanied When symptoms, you should seek medical treatment immediately, and you may suffer from small or canine plague.

    How to improve appetite 1. Develop good eating habits: fed it regularly every day; do not feed people's food, cold foods and high oil -containing foods. Also, dog food should be replaced frequently, eating more will be greasy. Just like people, eating the same dishes often affect appetite.
    2. Adjust the intestinal tract: feed the dog to eat some nutritious dog food, supplement probiotics and development of treasure intestinal conditioning recipes, promote gastrointestinal digestion, improve appetite Mix some meat foam to stimulate the appetite of pet dogs.
    4. Supplementary trace elements: For example, zinc element can improve appetite and iron to promote blood synthesis, and can also make up some calcium.
    5. Dogs who are sick generally have other symptoms. They need to be sent to the hospital for examination in time to apply the right medicine.

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