3 thoughts on “How to help the dog shave at home at home”

  1. Preparation of shaving:
    1. First of all, choose the right time: If you have decided to shave the dog, you should shave it two to four weeks before the high temperature coming. Don't wait until the high temperature comes. Because the dog's hair can grow short hair from two to four weeks, so that after the high temperature weather comes, even if the air conditioner is turned on, the dog will not catch a cold because there is no hair.
    2. Leave enough shaving time: It is usually recommended to start shaving in the morning. Because some dogs do not cooperate with shaving, try to leave as many times as much as possible, so as not to shave at night.
    The flow rate of shaving:
    1. Selecting the place of shaving: If it is shaved for dogs in a pet hospital, you should choose a more hidden place. Do not let some strangers watch it. Saying laughter will also hurt the dog's self -esteem. If you are shaving yourself at home, try not to let the other dogs from the home see, so as not to produce fear of other dogs.
    2. What parents can do when shaving: Whether it is in a pet hospital or at home, the family should be shaving in the family to comfort their children, and say some comfort to the dog while shaving , For example: after shaving, it is still a beautiful child. Don't think that dogs don't understand, according to experience, these words are very useful.
    3. Shavering cannot be forced: If the dogs are very unsatisfactory during the shaving process, be sure to stop, let the dog rest and shave, do not force it.
    4. Try not to shave in some places: the dog's limbs are the most difficult parts in the process of shaving, especially the above parts of the feet, thin skin and rich capillaries, so do not shave to avoid dogs from dog In addition, dogs usually wash their faces with the hair of the claws. If the hair of this part is shaved, the dog will be washing your face will become a problem. The third one who cannot shave is of course the face.

  2. Just buy an electric scissors for pets ~~~ Don't use a haircut with a haircut, that can't hold it ~~ Cut a few times and scrap it ~~

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