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  1. What should a dog vomiting?
    This vomiting is caused by many reasons. Generally speaking, dog vomiting is a normal phenomenon, causing many causes of vomiting, mainly because they do not know the principle of chewing slowly.

    Dogs vomiting

    . Dog vomit is mainly indigestible foods
    For dogs, if vomiting, there is no vomiting blood, no vomiting blood, no vomiting, Fever, while vomiting is often the main food that is not digested. This situation is okay.
    The dogs vomiting are not digested foods, mainly because the dog eats slowly when eating, and swallow the whole piece. After doing severe exercise, sometimes it will spit out what you eat, which is a normal anti -cricket protection situation.
    If the owner does not clean up in time, the dog will eat it again. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence There is no way, this is caused by dog ​​nature. So, the owner needs to clean up in time, and then feed it to eat other meals. Add a few slices of lactase or yeast tablets in the rice.
    So, in fact, you can think of this vomiting as a dog is a more normal phenomenon. (Of course, there is a premise that there are no symptoms such as vomiting, fever, severe diarrhea, blood stool, and mental weakness. If there is only digestive food in vomit, you can see it as an instinct for the dog's self -protection. Don't be too nervous.)
    . Dog vomit is a very heavy yellow water
    The common common thing of dog vomit is two types of things: one is that there is no digestible food; the other is the taste. Heavy yellow water. In the previous paragraph, we have already said "unlimited food", and then the editor of "our favorite pet network" will talk to you about the situation of "dogs spit yellow water".
    This often happened in the case where the dog ate particularly fiercely a few days ago: Sometimes, the dog will have a particularly good appetite for several days. In those days, no matter how much you do, how much it eats and eat snacks. After those days, it would vomit yellow water secretly at night. These yellow water tastes heavy. This is the manifestation of gastritis. In the next few days, dogs will become loss of appetite.
    In at this time, the best way is to make it hungry for a day. Some pet dog owners are distressed without eating, and they must let the dog eat a little to rest assured. But in fact, this is inappropriate. Because dogs are a typical manifestation of being afraid of being hungry. One day for dogs is not a problem for dogs. And it is important to pay attention to it, many times the dog is sick because it is caused by eating too much.
    . Pay attention to the vomit is different
    . If the vomiting of the above two situations, the dog owner should not be too nervous, just adjust it for a few days. However, if vomit is different, it is necessary to increase attention, often caused by lesions. For example, the color of the dog's vomit is yellow -green, often the bile spit out; when the color of the gastric juice is brown, it is likely to represent bleeding in the stomach. The most common is gastric ulcer and duodenum intestine ulcer.
    It, if you find that the dogs who have just arrived in the new home have similar vomiting, but the sputum phenomenon that cannot be spit out, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. This is likely to be a prerequisite for canine plague, and severe cases will affect the life of dogs.
    . The main points of attention of dog vomiting:
    1. A few days after the dog vomiting occurs, the dog owner should help the dog pay attention to the diet. Don't give it snacks during this period, you can only let it eat dog food. And follow the rules of eating less. In addition, you can also give some digestive pills.
    2, the dog is in the period of vomiting, do not feed it for snacks. Dog food should be added to the medicine that helps digestion, and the dog will soon recover healthy. Pay attention to its diet, just adjust for a few days.
    3. Generally, more than 2 times in a month can be considered frequently. If it is a continuous spit in many days, you must take the dog to the hospital to avoid delaying the dog's condition.

  2. There are many reasons for puppies vomiting. This is a common symptom of abnormal or discomfort in the dog's body; many friends who raise puppies have encountered such a situation, but especially some novices, at first glance, look at it. The dogs who are all good are in a hurry, do you think the dog is sick; the following editors revealed it for everyone:
    What puppies vomiting?
    1. Physiological vomiting
    If the dog's vomiting is only food, then don't worry too much, maybe he is just a simple physiological vomiting; for example, ① feed the dog too much, Vomiting; ② Anti -phenomenon occurs; ③ Vomiting caused by fishbone stuck to the throat; vomiting by accidental detergent; ④ motion sickness; ⑤ reaction during pregnancy;
    2. Pathological vomiting
    pathological vomiting is mostly the most Because puppies suffer from some kind of disease, vomiting occurs; common pathological vomiting diseases are: gastrointestinals, gastroenteritis, ulcers, small viruses, canine plague, parasitic infections, intravenous injection of discomfort;
    . Poisonous vomiting
    Profting the puppy accidentally taking poisoning drugs, which causes vomiting; What to do?
    First of all, find the reason, see what is going on at the bottom;
    second, make a decision; for physiological vomiting, you do not need to be treated That's all;
    For disease sexual factors, do the diagnosis, what disease is diagnosed, and the symptomatic treatment, and start eating if it is cured;
    For poisoning and vomiting Just treat it in time;
    . What should I do if the puppy vomit and pulls thinner?
    In the basis of vomiting, puppies are more momentum. What should I do at this time? It's okay, as long as its appetite and mental head are good, there is nothing to do; but for puppies who suddenly vomit and dilute for many consecutive days, what should I do?
    1. The puppy has a cold cold
    is now in severe winter. If it is not managed at all, it may cause the puppy to cool. When the dog vomits and thinner due to a cold, it should be treated in time; Cold, pay attention to keep the dogs warm while treating, don't be freezing again;
    . Digestion
    digestive pastation can also cause dogs to vomit and thin; in general, dogs cannot eat food Too many meats and cans, this type of food is too high, and dogs are not easy to digest and absorb, causing indigestion. In this regard, it is recommended that the owner fasting for 24 hours and feeding more water during the period; fasting After the end, first feed the dogs and liquid food to promote gastrointestinal motility; of course, if the owner adds probiotics to the liquid food, it will achieve better results;
    . Dog gastroenteritis
    The dogs are very stinky. One reason is gastroenteritis; in addition to the symptoms of dilute and stinking, dogs with gastroenteritis Dogs will also have blood, vomiting, increased body temperature, and even do not eat or drink; in this regard, the owner can bring the dog to the pet hospital to cancel the inflammatory needle; after 2 hours ; It is best to add an appropriate amount of probiotics to the rice porridge to assist the treatment of gastroenteritis in the treatment of gastroenteritis;
    4. Diseases such as small canine plague
    It small as infectious diseases, inadvertently when dogs go out and inadvertently. Can be infected; at first, the dogs will doze off, vomit, and have no vitality; aggravate will vomit mucus -like yellow -green liquid, discharge dark red or tomato -like blood stools; the owner can use a small test paper to test the dog, If you are diagnosed, you should be taken to the hospital, follow the doctor's advice and treat it well;
    On how to help your dog appetite?
    In the treatment of dog vomiting, you need to learn how to help the dog appetite and make your appetite slowly slowly your appetite. Really better; the specific appetizer is as follows:
    First of all, when you encounter a dog, don't worry, don't be busy, but you should calmly observe the pet dog to see why it is not Like to eat; for example, things are not delicious, there are parasites in the dog's body, the environment is too unfamiliar, the climate is too hot, etc.; after finding the reason for the method of solving Methods; for example, prepare some foods it loves to eat for dogs, such as chicken liver or other animals; parent -child cooking some delicious food for pet dogs (the ingredients are all preferred by dogs); Or give the dog some appetizing drugs (of course, you have to listen to the veterinarian's instructions, you cannot give your pet dogs casually);
    usually can eat dogs in the process of feeding pet dogs, which can stimulate it and stimulate it. The food of its appetite is added to the dog food, and then stirred evenly for pet dogs;
    3 methods to enhance the appetite of dogs
    In the appetizer for the puppy, slowly eat things, and finally You need to learn to enhance his appetite. When the dog's appetite starts strong, you can rest assured that the dog vomiting is truly cured. In the future, you only need to do a good job of scientific breeding management. Everyone:
    1. Rich diet
    This food is too single, which will make the dog have no appetite to eat; pet owners can change a dog food for the dog every time. It is recommended that the pet owner can choose the family fun ecological dog food; or you can mix some of the cooked meat and eggs in dog food, and mix it with half of the meat quality and half of the dog food according to the usual amount. Eat hot, because the water content in the meat is high, so it will be softened by the dog food after a long time. If the puppies may not be hindered, the dogs who are a dog may not like to eat;
    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 , Jianwei Dian Dian
    In addition to improving the diet structure of the dog, if necessary, you can feed dogs such as food and food tablets. Some dogs just eat too much appetite. It helps the dog's gastrointestinal digestion, and it has auxiliary treatment for general dogs and stomachs, anorexia, and vomiting The role of the role;
    usually to feed regularly. When the dog eats seven or eight full, you should take away the food in time regardless of whether you eat or eat; on the one hand Knowing the precious food, you need to wait for the next meal if you don't eat this meal, leaving a little hunger to avoid developing the habit of picky eaters; let the dog form a good eating habit, rather than a bunch of dog food. ;
    . Exercise appropriately
    This owners did not take the dog proper exercise because they were lazy, the dogs did not exercise for a long time, and the food was not digested. Dogs have a decreased appetite when they have poor digestion. The owner can bring the dog to the outdoor sports. Proper strokes can not only help the dog digestion, but also the proper exercise can help the dog's health; Response measures
    It what should I do if the dog vomit is found? You should take emergency response measures in time! First, observe the frequency, number of times, the color and quantity of the vomit of vomiting; Odoma, most of the people who continue to eat after vomiting are physiological vomiting, which can be ignored, but this situation is relatively rare; except for physiological vomiting, if vomiting occurs, the following measures are generally taken;
    1. General vomiting Those who do not have to affect eating do not need special treatment;
    . If frequent vomiting affects eating, it should be fast and prohibit drinking water for 4-6 hours to prevent the trachea by mistake; gradually eating after vomiting, or intravenous supplementary nutritional nutrition Harmony;
    3. Sending and stopping vomiting, such as oral vitamin B6, stable, stomach recovery, atropine or human medicinal, or oral or muscle injection, or muscle injury drugs;
    4. Excessive vomiting, longer duration, vomiting after eating, or eating after eating, at the same time, accompanied by other abnormal manifestations, such as mental weakness and high body temperature, you should be sent to the medical treatment in time;
    Dogs often vomit, and vomit is not food, and at the same time is different; it can be suspected of being caused by gastritis, foreign objects in the stomach, stomach poisoning, food poisoning, drug poisoning, or small virus disease; When you find that your dog has vomiting, don't panic, find the cause of the onset, and diagnose it correctly. The physiological can be slowly diet without treating conditioning. Go to the pet hospital or find veterinarians for treatment;

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am a Chinese national practicing veterinarian Dr. Bestbo. I have worked in clinical practice for many years and I am glad to communicate with you ~ I will solve the problem for you next. Thank you for your trust. Please explain your problems and explain the gender of pets, types, age, sterilization, deworming, and whether immunity is fulfilled. So that I can help you do a better diagnosis.nAsk the puppy to say it is a bear, but I think it ’s a bit like a soil dog that can not see the variety for more than 30 days. It may be 45 days when someone else gave me a needle vaccine. The sheep milk soaked dog food (the dog food was not soaked too much) ate 14 pieces of about 14 pieces of goat milk, a spoonful of water and water at night. This morning, the stinky stinky was a little bit soft, and after lunch, I didn't spit it like that after lunch.nAnswer um, if the dog has just arrived home and has not been vaccinated, it is recommended that you take him to check a dog infectious disease dog. When you go to home, it is easy to have infectious diseases. For example, a small virus infection will cause this virus infection. There is a condition of vomiting and diarrhea, and the mortality rate is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended to check it immediately. If it is infected with infectious diseases, it is recommended to take infusion in time.nWill there be other situations?nAnswer, for your cat, the main doubt is that this obligation is more likely. Or acute gastroenteritis. However, infectious diseases must also be reduced. These add up together, the cost may need to be between 500 ~ 700.nQuestion, uh, my family is a dognSorry to answer, sorry, sometimes there are too many reply, so cats and dogs often confuse, please understand, wish you a happy life, and wish your pet to recover soon!nQuestion is okayn6 morenBleak

  4. First, you have to observe what it is vomiting. If it is just a food that has not been completely digested, then there are several possibilities: the food is not good for digestion, too strong or too much; if it is eaten for a while and has digested food, there are these kinds of these kinds Maybe: Food is not hygienic, food is not suitable for dogs (such as milk, many substances contained in milk are unable to digest and accept the stomach of the dog, which will cause them too much gastric acid secretion) The utensils are unhygienic, dog digestion digestion There are problems in the system, too many parasites in dogs, and so on.

    . You must carefully remember the time of each vomiting. If it is too frequent (usually more than 2 times in a month can be regarded as frequent), then there must be a problem. The hospital checked it carefully. If you have any problems, treat it as soon as possible.

    . It is infected with germs, such as: small germs, warm heat, enteritis, and so on.

    The dogs also have the habit of cleaning their own hair. When they are cleaned, they will lick some hair. Some of these hair will be excreted from the body, and some are accumulated in their stomach. After more, dog vomiting will be formed.

    . Finally, remind you a little, if the time you feed it is not fixed, and it can eat it, then hunger will also cause dog vomiting. These are just my experience. Personal views are for reference only.

    The causes of vomiting are mostly related to gastritis. The causes of diarrhea are mostly related to enteritis. If not treated, vomiting may cause diarrhea. (38.5c) For more than 1c), the veterinarians should be invited as soon as possible.

    If there is no more serious symptoms, it is fast for dogs for 24 hours (puppies fast for 12 hours). You can continue to supply water, but not too much. The small dog is 50-100 ml and the large dog is 200 ml. If the dog drinks the specified water, it can be given the same amount of water after 30 minutes, but it cannot be given immediately.

    If vomiting stops, a small amount of light foods that are easy to digest, such as scrambled eggs. If you vomit frequently during the onset, mix a small amount of white orchid wine in the first food (one teaspoon of large dogs, and small dogs decreased as appropriate). If you no longer vomit after eating, you can cook chicken, lean or white salmon, and feed juice.

    The three small meals a day should not be given a big meal a day. The next day, if everything is good, you can feed more normal foods, but still maintain a small amount. It is best to spend one or two days before returning to the normal diet. In the first four days, only about two -thirds of the amount should be fed. I wish the puppy good luck

  5. There are several reasons for dogs to vomit: First, it may be general gastroenteritis. Second, it may be small viral enteritis or canine plague, or infectious hepatitis. These vomiting requires timely treatment. In addition, there are some factors that cause dog vomiting. For example, dogs eat too much and cause it to become unknown. Dogs are hungry and saturated animals. When you eat too much, you can easily vomit the stomach without digestion.
    Under normal circumstances, because of eating too much and vomiting, parents do not need to worry too much because it is normal. Dogs generally recover quickly. At the same time, they can give dogs some drugs that promote gastrointestinal digestion to help pet dogs digest.
    The dogs because of gastrointestinal discomfort, or eating wrong, or puppy just ate food, do not adapt to food, can cause vomiting. This treatment is simple and can give it some medicines for gastroenteritis, such as fluoropromic acid capsules, 土omycin tablets, and galrinicin injection can also be used. These are still very simple treatment.
    If the dog is diagnosed with vomiting caused by small viral enteritis or canine plague, or infectious hepatitis, it is necessary to receive professional isolation treatment in time. Note that once you confirm that dogs infected with infectious diseases such as canine plague and small infectious diseases, we must be isolated as soon as possible. In receiving treatment, the dog's life can only be dead. The normal vomiting of the dog (that is, the vomiting caused by a small problem caused by the digestive system) basically spit out two types of things: one is a food that is completely indigestible, and the other is the smelly yellow water. Foods without digestion are often things that dogs have just eaten. You can see what kind of things have been eaten and spit out by what. Because the dogs are not chewing well, they swallow it directly. When it eats too much or runs around just after eating, it is easy to cause such vomiting. You will find that after the dog is spit, if you do not clean up in time, they will eat these things, because it is nothing, because it is also its survival instinct. However, I usually clean up these things, and then make a meal for it for a while to let it eat again, and add a few slices of lactase or yeast tablets such as the meal. Dogs sometimes spit yellow water, which often occurs when it is particularly fierce a few days ago. Sometimes it will have a good appetite for several days. How many meals to eat and eat, there will be some snacks in the middle. After a few days of good appetite, it sometimes vomits a bubble yellow water in the night, stinky, which is actually a manifestation of gastritis. The reason why it is said that "secretly" is because the dog may make a mistake when you think that you vomit, so you will find a corner or a far away from others. Then the next day it will lose appetite, and even the most expensive meat is not eaten. The best way is to make it hungry for a day. Of course, this day's appetite is not good, it is not particularly delicious, it can't afford interest. So it is better to put some dog food in its rice bowl. If it is really hungry, it will eat. Don't be like some grandparents who are distressed by some grandparents. Be sure to eat something to rest assured. Remember that dogs are afraid of not being hungry, and often many problems are when they eat too much. Honor for a day has nothing to do with the dog. Generally speaking, this situation will be good for a day, but if you continue to vomit, you need to pay attention, because this situation can easily cause the dog's dehydration. In addition, after a few days after the dog vomits, pay attention to its diet, eat less meals, do not give it snacks, and let it eat dog food. You can also give it some digestive pills. It will be completely normal in a few days. So in general, to vomit the two situations above, dogs and dogs don't have to be too nervous. Pay attention to its diet, just adjust for a few days. For puppies who have just arrived in the new home, if it has a card sputum similar to vomiting and spit, be sure to go to the hospital quickly, because this is likely to be the early performance of the dog plague that will want the dog to live. Pay special attention. Mommy loves children with uncomfortable gastrointestinal and stomach, that is, gastroenteritis. Essence Dogs are also applicable, your dog is still small, drink half a pack at a time, and it is best to feed it with a needle tube.

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