4 thoughts on “How to shoot pets with SLR cameras (Canon 60D)”

  1. Give you two suggestions, I also use 60D to shoot my dog.
    1. Generally use sports mode to shoot. Because the state and expression of pets are fleeting instantly. The exercise mode is more conducive to catching pets. Of course, if you have a good grasp of the camera parameters, you can also use the M gear, set the shutter and aperture yourself, and then use the high -speed continuous shooting mode. In this way A better deficiency effect of the sports mode.
    2. If you want to get more interesting dynamics or eyes, it is best to bring pets that are interested in food and toys to seduce pets. This can capture the dynamics and eyes of the dog's excitement. Otherwise, pets may always be a lazy state, so that the picture will feel lack of vitality.
    3, it is best to predict the movement direction of the pet, and then make it ahead in advance when composition, so as to ensure a better composition.

    The above is some of my experience when I was shooting dogs myself, haha, provided you for reference.

  2. How to shoot dogs

    First of all, dogs' outside shooting, because dogs are more obedient, it is easier to cooperate with people. It is more appropriate to take pictures on the outdoor grass. After you are ready, you can take the dog to set off. First of all, we have to find a clean grass to let the dogs play freely, and then we can start shooting. It is worth mentioning here that you must find a quieter place. One to avoid people in the past, more people are disturbing the dogs, and the other is to avoid dogs from hurting people.

    This cats and dogs

    In shooting, first tell you a few tips. Generally speaking, the dog stays at home for a long time. When you encounter the grass, you will be very excited, and you will run around everywhere. It is difficult to take good photos at this time, because the dog's movement speed is particularly fast, and the focus system of the camera is difficult to accurately focus. It is best not to shoot first, play with the dog for a while, the dog is a little tired, and start to quietly calm down. At this time, you can capture it freely. With a long focal length lens, the focal length is extended as much as possible to create a shallow and deep effect, which will highlight the shape and expression of the dog. At the same time, using large aperture shooting can improve the speed of the shutter and ensure the accuracy of the photo.

    In terms of composition, try to leave space in the direction of the dog watching, which can make the picture more harmonious and more highlighting the green grass with the background; This is more conducive to shooting the dog's eyes and expressions.

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