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  1. Dogs are unwilling to cooperate, how do we take good -looking photos?
    1. Let the dog swing
    Since the pet will not actively set the shape for you, then we need to take the initiative to attack ourselves. There are two ways of pets in the shape of pets, one is "grab" and the other is "swing".
    (1) "Grab" refers to the process of using a continuous shooting or constantly pressing the photo button with a mobile phone during the pet activity.
    The activities are also divided into two types, one is a petty activity of pets. For example, when a few puppies play, the owner observes it and captures it.
    The other is our consciously guiding pet activities. For example, after throwing the flying saucer or ball in the direction specified by us, we can grasp the route of the dog running in advance, so as to make the shooting preparation in advance. Take the shape of the shape we want.
    It you can try it so that you can capture the pictures of their toys and running, which can fully express the vitality and cuteness of the dog. Of course, the mobile phone capture is not as clear as the camera. After the capture, you need to delete a lot of fuzzy photos. There may be only one or two clear ones, which requires the master's patient shooting.
    (2) "Plag", we can use some objects, such as some delicious, and some dogs that are usually played by dogs to attract the attention of the dog and complete the shooting.
    It as shown below: Buying a mobile phone accessory can clamp a tennis or the like, so the puppy who likes to play balls will naturally stare at the mobile phone and let the dog watch the lens as simple!
    The people who do n’t buy mobile phone accessories, do n’t worry about it. Below I take your pet to make a demonstration, you can simply learn:
    Models: The naughty Bichian sister at home
    shooting tools And location: 13 million pixels, locations: grass
    Time: The sun is ready to go down the mountain, but it is still very bright, the sun is sufficient, and it will not be too big. It will not let me take a picture of it! At first I was very uncomfortable, I wanted to play, Ladu couldn't hold it ... but I have a trick!
    Method 1: Bring a small ball of the bell, keep shaking, it looks curiously, teases it with one hand, takes multiple continuous shooting methods with a mobile phone with one hand, and the shooting is successful! (Without a bell ball, you can use a sound toy instead.)
    Method two: Play the dog music of the mobile phone, recommend a song "Three Puppies" or the sound of dogs, it is attracted, curiously, curiously, curiously Listening, shooting Shunguang, don't hesitate, the movement must be fast, successfully take the cute scene of listening to music!
    Method three: Choose a food it likes, but it is not recommended to use snacks. It is not healthy. You can use dog food, egg yolk, milk powder and the like. It kept licking my little hand.
    The cute little ghost, continuously shot, successfully photographed its tongue and greedy cuteness! Parents can try it!
    It what it should be explained here is that when you are styling, you must consider the feeling of pets, such as this posture and uncomfortable posture, etc., everything is mainly attracted by nature. Do not force the dog to do some action. This is important. It will affect your pet's feelings for you.

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