What are the most important precautions for puppies?

Recently, I want to have a puppy, without experience, please tell some of the most important matters and common sense, such as injection vaccine?

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  1. The utensils to prepare pet dogs
    The pet dogs must prepare some necessary utensils, such as dog houses, pots, food plates, water bowls, brushes, combs, razors, hair dryers, etc., can also prepare some pet dog toys. These utensils can be purchased from pet shops, or they can also use their own idle objects to transform themselves.
    "receiving permits" for pet dogs
    This pet dogs shall apply for permits in accordance with the regulations of the relevant government departments. The general process is that dog raising people first go to the local police station to obtain the registration form for raising dogs. Dog photos, dog master photos, go to the district police station, public security bureau to review step by step, or go to the one -stop service hall of the government government.
    The diet of pet dogs
    The dietary principles of pet dogs are timing, quantitative, quality, fixed, fixed -point, and temperature.
    The timeliness is to select feeding time according to your own dietary needs. Once the feeding time is determined, feed regularly every day, and you cannot change at will, so that pet dogs can build conditional reflection.
    Telection is to control the amount of pet dogs. It is advisable to not be hungry or full. It is equivalent to the seven -point or eight fullness of people.
    The quality is to ensure the diet quality of pet dogs, including clean drinking water, safe food, nutritional balance, etc. Pet foods are mainly divided into two types, one is to buy professional dog food, one is leftovers leftovers, and two kinds of foods are available.
    It should be noticed that you cannot feed mildew foods, and you cannot feed chocolate, onion, garlic, chicken bone bone, pork bone, shrimp and crab and other foods. , Do not feed greasy foods, do not feed sweet or irritating foods for a long time. Once the food is poisoned, you cannot use salt to stimulate vomiting.
    The number of daily diets of pet dogs is fixed, and adult dogs can be fed once a day in the morning and evening.
    The number of young dogs can be 1 or 2 times. The fixed point is to fix the dietary location of the pet dog. The fixed temperature is that the food of pet dogs must have a certain temperature. It should not be too hot and cold. Give warm food in winter.
    In disease prevention
    This dogs' disease prevention and treatment of pet dogs must injected vaccines to prevent pet dogs from hurting people. In addition, deworming should be used to prevent parasitic infections.
    The work of these majors must go to a regular pet hospital for professional pet doctors to ask and handle it. Pet dog immunocus vaccines generally include rabies vaccine, canine plague vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, etc. Regardless of whether the pet dog is injected with a vaccine, once a person is bitten by a pet dog, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible.
    The expansion information Select pet dogs
    The choice of pet dogs mainly consider three points. One is to pick your favorite variety. There are many types of pet dogs, and their appearance is full of appearance. Many people like it, but it is limited to financial and energy. Therefore, you must choose your favorite variety of individuals. In this way, you can take care of it with him after adoption.
    The varieties that are suitable for your breeding. There are many classification methods for pet dogs. According to the size of the body shape, it can be divided into large, medium, small, and minimal. The body height is more than 40 kg of 61cm or more. 61 CM weight 30 to 40 kg is medium -sized; body height is 25.5 ~ 40.7 CM weight 30 kg is small; the body height is very small below 4 kg or less;
    The large pet dogs are very prestigious, and the "return rate" is very high, but many people do not have the conditions for breeding large pet dogs, so they must choose a variety suitable for their breeding.
    three is a healthy individual. The healthy dogs are lively and moving, and they look very energetic. The eyes are bright. The conjunctiva is pink, no secretions, no tears; the nose is wet and cold, without abnormal secretions; The teeth are white, there is no closing incompleteness, not saliva; the hair color is fresh, the fur temperature is not hot, fluffy and tidy, no hair removal, no lice;
    In addition, try to pick up the tuned dog or about 3 weeks of age. Such a dog is convenient for future training training.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Dog

  2. The first entry of the house

    1, the little dog who is brought back for the first time will feel irresistible. You should restrict it in a house and let it observe the new environment, but to accompany it so that it is not afraid. Before it goes home, prepare food, food bowl, toys for bite, a comfortable bed. A big fence. This fence will soon become its private house. You can see everything in the family. Prepare water. Toys can inspire dogs' interest and cultivate the feelings of the owner.
    2. Take safety measures at home
    The puppies are curious and will explore any new objects by sniffing and bite. You should take some simple measures to remove the fragile objects, and ensure that puppies will not bite dangerous substances like wires. Pay attention to whether all the power sockets of all electrical appliances are turned off. Chili oil can prevent puppies from biting things.
    The danger in the home: In order to prevent puppies from going out, the door is locked and the low window is closed. Put the wires and decorative materials where the puppies are not enough. Temporarily remove valuables and emotional items until the puppies have been bitten. Mo the fragile items.

    indoor training

    This is clean and unwilling to stain the sleeping place. They like to drown in specific places. As a dog owner, you should train it to drowns where you designated.
    1. The dog is eating, drinking water, playing, and after sleeping, it is time to drowning.
    2, sniffing against the ground, often puppies indicate that it is drowning. Some puppies will smell at the same time and sniff Running wildly again. At this time you only stop it and put it in the specified place.
    3, quickly put the dog on the newspaper, put an old newspaper with urine and new newspapers together, let the puppies smell their smell, and encourage it to drow on its newspaper.
    4, puppies drowned on the newspaper, it is important to praise it. If there is an error, it can only be punished slightly. Can't be punished heavy. That will make it afraid of you.

    The diet

    1. Foods suitable for puppies
    (1) Foods for puppies such as dog food and cans (2) milk powder for puppies. The advantage of (3) egg yolk and yolk is not only rich in protein, but also vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easy to digest and absorb.
    (4) Although meat cows, pigs, chicken, etc. are excellent foods, when feeding puppies, it is necessary to choose parts without fat because fat is easy to deteriorate. But to feed them, don't feed raw meat!
    2, food that is not suitable for puppies
    (1) Frozen milk
    (2) meat containing a large amount of fat.
    (3) irritating foods such as sour, spicy, salty.
    (4) Small bones large and medium -sized puppies can feed it with large bones rich in calcium. Do not feed chicken, fish, duck bones, etc.
    (5) Pastry is generally speaking, no need to feed the dog to eat pastry.
    (6) Chicken liver, etc., don't feed.

    . Generally feeding puppies I have more meals a day, but they eat less, usually 3 or 4 times. Do not surround the dogs too full. What kind of vaccine should puppies injection?

    6 Puppies above the age of age must be inoculated three times
    The first puppies are 6 weeks of age injection puppies. n The second puppies at 8-9 weeks of age injection dog six-united seedlings;
    The third puppies at 12 weeks of age injection dogs six coupling;
    It will be injected once a year.
    It must be noted that the weekly age of immune vaccination must not be changed at will, and reducing the number of vaccination, otherwise it will inevitably affect immunity. In addition, it can obtain strong immunity 2 weeks after the dog completes the immunization plan. Therefore, do not take a dog for walking or strolling, and contact other dogs

    Why do dogs have to vaccinate regularly?

    The prevention of vaccine can allow dogs to obtain specific resistance to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of infectious diseases. In the usual plan, the health dogs should be vaccinated with alpha seven colors of seedlings, including rabies, dog plague, small viruses of dogs, infectious hepatitis of dogs, pirates of dog hooks, canine hook -end spirals, canine hemorrhagic jaundice hook spiral bodies Essence Among them, rabies are extremely severe human and animals, so the state designated vaccine injection regularly. Secondly, the di -combined seedlings include canine plague and small viruses. The incidence and mortality of the disease caused by these two viruses are extremely high. In order to ensure the health of the dog, the owner of the dog must not be injected with the vaccine.

    when to drive the dog to drive insect deworming?

    The generally I suggest that the dog can only remove insects in 8 weeks, and then repeat it every 3 weeks until 16 weeks. I have a post every six months. I have a post about deworming. You can take a look.

    What cases to lead puppies to see veterinarians?

    The eyes have a large amount of tears or pus -like secretions, do not like to open.样,黄脓样分泌物.干燥,龟裂.耳内有臭味,和分泌物.食欲不振.咳嗽,腹泻,惊厥,哆嗦,呕吐,排便中发现有血液或虫体.消瘦,精神不良, Dissatisfaction. The skin is red and swollen, itching, red dot, hair removal, bleeding. His minor, constipation, hematuria. Any symptoms above must contact your veterinarian.

    In order to keep the dog's cleaning, prevent odor from the dog, and remove the parasites, prevent the dog's skin disease, you should take a bath for the dog every time. The temperature of the water should be about 38 degrees during the bath. When bathing, warm the warm water wet. Do not flow the bath water into the dog's eyes and ears when bathing, otherwise it will cause conjunctivitis and otitis media. In addition, clean the detergent with water, otherwise it will cause dermatitis. After rinse, dry the hair on the dog with a towel, and dry the tail and hips, because these parts are easy to sogen. Dogs of long hair should be dried immediately with hair dryers. When using a hair dryer, the hair dryer should slowly approach the dog's body to prevent the dog from being frightened; the hair dryer should not be too close to the dog, so as not to be burnt. The number of baths should be decided according to the degree of seasons and extent of dog hair. It is advisable to wash 1-2 times a week in summer, and the number of baths can be reduced in winter.

    News: To use the dogs dedicated to the dog, the supermarkets are sold. You can choose some who are suitable for your dog!

    For dog grinding teeth, dogs in the world are probably our stink socks, so we need to collect socks, and our shoes, I remember one of me The Bomei dog once bit my pair of expensive leather shoes to bite me. We can buy some dogs to bite the glue, let it eat, do not buy color, color with color, beef stripes, dogs, dogs I love to eat it. If it does n’t eat it for the first time, you can wait for it to give it when it is hungry. When it is used to it, we will use dogs to bite glue and beef strip to wear teeth, and we can clean it for a while!
    If feeding of puppies

    Is to breeding
    -I can understand the joy of getting the puppies, but do not bring it "showing" everywhere, do not let it and other other and other other Dogs are in contact, and every time you go home, remember to wash your hands and disinfection before you are hot with your dog. After injection of all the vaccines, it is not too late to take it out.

    About feeding
    -Dog food is a full -cost balanced food, which can make puppies good growth, strong disease resistance, and less illness. It is recommended not to eat meat, milk and other humans to eat things, puppies' stomachs cannot digest these things.
    -The puppies who just entered home, first let it drink some water, take a little rest, and then start feeding. Feeding the amount of food to achieve 70 % of puppies. If the feeding is full, it will cause diarrhea and vomiting due to indigestion, which will cause many diseases such as enteritis and even death. The puppies are fed four times a day. If you do n’t do 3 meals, you must guarantee it. Pay attention to eat less meals. The amount of feeding can refer to the instructions on the packaging bag. Do not feed snacks in puppies, because feding snacks is not easy to control the amount of food and disrupts the digestion and absorption of puppies, which can easily cause indigestion and diarrhea.

    About bathing
    -puppies are not suitable for bathing. If the puppy's body is dirty, you can scrub the part with towels and warm water; it is recommended to use dry cleaning powder to clean and prevent dust adsorption. After the injection of all the vaccines, you can take a bath for puppies. The water temperature should not be overheated and cool. After bathing, you must dry it and blow dry it with a micro -hot air. Do not blow with strong hot air. If the wind is too large, it will also make the pet logistics nose, cough, and body temperature rise. Pets are prone to injuries. Whether you eat too much or cold, it will reduce the resistance of puppies. It is the original or environmental pathogenic microorganisms in the body, such as canine plague virus, small viruses such as small viruses, etc., causing puppies to die.

    About health
    -puppies are like children. The immune system has not yet developed, poor disease resistance, and the more pure breeds The more difficult. Therefore, once you find that puppies are abnormal, the veterinarians should be asked for diagnosis and treatment in time. The sooner you look at the doctor, the greater the hope of healing. Treatment must not only be timely, but also continuously. Don't intermittently, so it is difficult for puppies to completely cure. Pay attention to the healthy signal of puppies: such as whether the excrement is normal, whether the nose is kept moist (but not too much clear nose or even yellow secretions), the foot pads are soft, the anus is clean, and the mouth and ear have no odor.

    Is about deworming
    In young pets are the problem of pet parasites, because not only these little guys will be infected, they may also be transmitted to you and infected with your family and your family and your family. child.
    In 2 to March, puppies will have diluted phenomena. This is the internal parasitic enteritis. It is generally caused by tapeworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, and there are also ball bugs. Due to the thin intestinal cavity of puppies, the relatively large number of parasites and other parasites such as tapeworms and large individuals, causing puppies diarrhea, weight loss, and even vomiting. Eggs can be found in the feces, and individual puppies can cause small intestine cases, or prolapse.
    It's opinion is to treat parasitic treatment at the age of two weeks of pets. Once in March, once every three months, after the pet grew up, two routine parasitic prevention and inspections are performed twice a year.

    About vaccines
    At present, dog vaccines commonly used in domestic pet veterinaries are divided into domestic and imported vaccines. It is recommended to inject imported vaccines. Safety and stability are relatively high.
    "Imported Vaccine": Most of them are dog hexagonal vaccines, which can prevent six major acute infectious diseases, including: dog plague and heating, large fine virus diseases, pupa end diseases, infectious hepatitis, infectious infectious hepatitis, infectious hepatitis Bronchitis and sub -fluid disease. Generally, the first vaccination for the first time from 50 days to March (2 units), two stitches and 6 units after 20 days, each needle for 4 weeks; after, once a year,
    』: March vaccination at the age of March. Once once a year, inoculation rabies vaccine is the obligation of dog breeders, the content of the regulations of the regulations of dog breeding, and preventing rabies prevent rabies. The responsible for people and dogs must be carried out.
    The vaccines above the vaccine can only be vaccinated for one year and cannot be immune for life.

  3. The puppy will finish the vaccine within three months. If you raise a puppy, you must be responsible for it. The puppy is very cute. It is best not to let it go out. Infertile disease,

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