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  1. 1. Artificial auxiliary mating: Usually, the most suitable period of breeding of public and bitches to breed and breed in the estrus of the bitch, and select excellent male dogs. Under the control of human control, it is mated, and the male and bitch are separated immediately after mating.

    2. Single breeding: The second day of the bitch enters the estrus (sexual desire), use a male dog once, or use a male dog's semen for artificial insemination once. This is a single breeding that has no male dog, and the breeding is limited by certain conditions.

    3. Multiple breeding: The most suitable period of the bitch's estrus, mating once on the first day, and then mating every 24 hours. A period of estrus can generally be reproduced 2 to 3 times.

    4. Double mating: During the estrus period of the bitch, two male dogs of different varieties or two male dogs of the same variety are prepared for 24 hours a day. This breeding method can increase the reproduction rate and enhance the vitality of offspring.

    5. Repeated mating: 2 times during the estrus period. Generally with the first day of the estrus during the estrus period, the same time with the same time after 48 hours. In this way, it can increase the fertilization opportunity of bitch, increase the fetal rate, and enable the owner to master the descendants of the offspring.

    6. Fair mating: It means that the public and the bitch are usually feed in isolation. When breeding, a bitch is placed in the fence to allow the specific male dog to mate with it.

    7. Group mating: In the breeding season, one or several male dogs who have been selected in a certain number of bitch groups are raised in a certain number of bitch groups, and they are freely mating. This can increase the success rate and fetal rate of breeding.

    8. Artificial fertilization: After the male dog's semen is adopted by an artificial method, after inspection and processing, you can inject the reproductive tract of the estrus bit dog with the equipment to conceive. This method helps increase the fetal rate. Give full play to the breeding effectiveness of excellent male dogs, increase the proportion of male dogs, and reduce the feeding costs of male dogs. It can also overcome the difficulty of mating due to the disparity of individuals and dogs. In addition, it can avoid the reproductive system. Infectious diseases and accelerated dog breeding process. Group breeding is more suitable for this breeding method.

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