2 thoughts on “How to ask the dogs online, how do you ask the dog? First time”

  1. What are the questions to ask a dog online?
    1. First of all, you must ask the seller to buy a dog online. How old is the dog? When he tells you that he must pat your teeth to see you, to see the teeth judge the dog of the dog, whether it is a puppies or a dog into a dog This is the most accurate.
    2. Then you have to ask: Dogs of seedlings. Generally, dogs will shoot raising sellers, or register with seedlings. Pay attention to the effective proof.
    3. Then the most important thing is to depend on the dog's parents. Many sellers will say that the father is equipped and there is no video, then you can ask him to provide a variety of videos, or the breeding certificate [This is relative to professional reproduction relative to professional reproduction In a dogs] Then you compare whether it is the same dog. After the father is determined, we must watch the mother. The puppy must be the mother's milk. The situation of the parents directly affects the puppy's appearance and personality.

  2. If the puppies are like children, they need to eat a small amount. Generally, they should be fed three to four meals a day, about 30 pieces at a time, soak it with warm water, so do not have too much water. Dogs should pay attention to regular and quantitative feeding in order to so as to be fed in order to so as to be fed in order Develop the habit of timely fixed -point bowel movements. The amount of feeding should be flat after eating. Hungry will only be dysplasia of dogs, poor immunity, and prone to illness. In addition, it is matched with some nutritious things, such as cooked and not salt beef, carrots, can feed gastrointestinal treasures every day, regulate gastrointestinal function, and increase appetite. In addition, if you have the conditions, you can feed some trace elements, beauty powder, calcium tablets, etc., depending on economic ability. Do not have too much water when soaking dog food, it is too sparse. Remember to feed regularly and quantitatively, so don't always feed snacks, and you must ensure that there is enough white water every day, and put it in a bowl for it to drink at any time.

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