2 thoughts on “How big a puppy can cut hair SI”

  1. Puppy can cut hair when it is five months old.
    Actually, dogs do not need to cut hair, and dog hair can protect the dog.
    It combed the dogs more, which can make the dog hair better.

  2. Dear friend:


    The following is my experience of raising dogs for many years. I hope I can help you:

    First of all, choose a scissors that are not pointed. Scissors. Then, spread a useless newspaper on the ground, tame the puppy lying on it, and then prepare a garbage bag next to it. This can be cut for puppy. When cutting, first protect the key parts of the dog, such as nipples, genitals, etc., and cut the hair to cut the hair to ensure that the hair is neat and beautiful, but do not cut the hair too bald. Finally, pick up the long part of the cut -off part into the garbage bag. If it is not easy to pick up the hair, you can use newspapers to shake into the garbage bag. Note: If the puppy cannot be tamed, the two cooperate, one person hugs the puppy, and one person cuts the hair.

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