5 thoughts on “If you retire, you want to buy a pet dog. What do you think is best?”

  1. I think if you want to avoid life very boring, you can choose to raise a teddy dog.
    I believe that many dog ​​breeders will not be unfamiliar with Teddy dogs, and because Teddy dogs are small dogs, they will not be prohibited in various cities. Except for small advantages of small body shapes, they have the advantages of small body shapes. Teddy dogs also have various advantages during the breeding process.
    . Eating less is the biggest advantage of teddy dogs. Because the teddy dog ​​is a small dog that is not raised, even if the teddy dog ​​eats more expensive things, it will not consume too much every day. Therefore, the teddy dog ​​is a very much weight of breeding costs, so if you don't want to spend too much money on raising dogs, then I tend to raise everyone who eats less.
    . It is not easy to drop hair. It is a major advantage of teddy dogs. Many people don't like raising dogs because they don't like dogs, but because once dogs are raised, they will cause dog hair everywhere. However, if you choose to raise the teddy dog, then there will be no trouble in this area, because the teddy dog ​​is not easy to lose hair, so even if the teddy dog's hair is longer, we will not see Teddy at home at home. The hair dropped by the dog.
    . The Teddy dog ​​is lively and can let it accompany the elderly to relieve boredom. After retirement, there will be a very boring situation, and the Teddy dog ​​is very lively. With the teddy dog ​​around, we will not have boring troubles. Of course, sometimes the Teddy dog's personality is too lively, so in the process of breeding, we must strengthen the guidance of Teddy dogs. Only in this way can the teddy dog ​​become more sensible and obedient.
    For the matter of raising dogs, everyone must have enough patience, because when the dog is young, there will be unsteady situations. When you encounter the dog's disobedience Dogs scold, and once scolding the dog, it will cause irradiation damage to the dog's psychology. In order to avoid letting the dogs make a move to hurt others, we should guide the dog correctly.

  2. After retirement, I suggest that the elderly can choose a Chinese pastoral dog. This kind of dog is generally called a soil dog, and some places will be called a vegetable dog, because this dog is not high. After retirement, the elderly want to buy this dog without paying a big price. You can buy one more or even 200 yuan. This kind of dog is actually very smart and very cute. It is still very good to raise this dog after retiring in rural areas. He is very friendly to the owner, and it is also very understandable. In danger, the dog can also be warned, so it is very suitable for the elderly to cultivate.
    It often see some elderly people in my hometown, raising such dogs, because these elderly people like to go to the ground to take a walk, and sometimes they have to plant some small dishes. The role of early warning, for example, if there are snakes in the vegetable field, then these dogs are very sensitive, and they will find the first time that the elderly can prevent the elderly from causing risks.
    If the elderly live in the city after retirement, then I recommend raising Cocy. There are actually a lot of attention in urban life, but also a dog certificate, and breeding dogs need to hold ropes. If the dog's volume is too large, the elderly may not be able to move. After all, dogs are often active and strong. If the old man retires, if he has a large dog, it is likely that when there is risks, it is not possible to stop and pull the dog in time to cause unnecessary trouble.
    This is smaller and shorter, and it is not particularly heavy. Then this dog is not aggressive. Once there is any danger, you can also pull the dogs in time. In addition, this kind of dog does not need to take a bath often. Basically, wash it once a month, and it can be solved. The son dog will not often make trouble. The dog's legs are relatively short, and they prefer to flip their belly. It is quite interesting to play.

  3. You can choose Labrador, which is a very good pet, and it is also a particularly wise dog. IQ is very high, and in life can give the owner a very warm companion.

  4. You can raise a teddy. This kind of dog does not lose hair, and it is particularly docile. The size is relatively small, especially suitable for the elderly to raise.

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