2 thoughts on “Where is the Suzhou cat and dog market? Seek a place where people are not pitted.”

  1. Dear, I remember that there is a cat and dog market in Wuzhong District. As for whether it will be pitted, it depends on whether you understand cats and dogs. If you do n’t know, the chance of being cheated is very high. Before my sister, I didn’t understand anything. I bought a blue cat in Suzhou and spent 4,500 yuan. Later, I accidentally watched a video called: Suzhou low -cost pet tutorial. After my sister watched this video, my sister discovered that this blue cat was actually only 2,000 yuan. It was wasted for 2500 yuan. Therefore, if you want to buy cats and dogs in Suzhou, you must watch this video. Like my sister, it is obviously only 2,000 yuan, but it costs 4,500 yuan, which is really a joke. Hope to help you buy cheap good pets.

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