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  1. Halo, it seems that you are not from Suzhou.
    The largest and most formal flower and bird market in Suzhou (commonly known as pet market) is the flower and bird market in Picishi Street. It is located about 300 meters north of Xuan Miao Guan, Guanqian Street. You can reach the bus 1. This market is the only flower, bird, craft, and antique professional market with a long history in the center of the ancient city. You will know when you go.
    It also has a flower and bird market on the side of Sufu Bailun Hair. You can also see it.
    If you want to buy dogs in Suzhou, you should go to Dongyuan to see it. There are a lot of pet shops to sell dogs. Although the price is more expensive than the flower and bird market, it can include your "quality" problem within a week, and the flower and bird market cannot be done.
    Igly, you must have an invoice or receipt after the transaction, there is a voucher; there is still a puppy that is less than two months old, not to buy the best (because I have eaten a lot of losses).

  2. You can search for the pet market in Suzhou through the mobile map of the mobile phone, and then choose to go with your own needs.
    This response time: 2020-12-10, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.
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