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  1. Before raising dogs, the preparation of dogs is mainly divided into related utensils, living environment, laundering utensils, food, and so on. Among them, related utensils need to prepare dog cages, dog foils, blankets, traction ropes, chest straps or neck circles, pet urine pads, and so on.
    The residential environment needs to be cleaned in advance, disinfected, etc., to avoid dogs from getting sick because of environmental hygiene problems.
    This protection utensils need to prepare deodorant, disinfectant, pet shower gel, ear washing, eye washing water, etc. The disinfectant needs to use low irritating products. Products to avoid stimulating dogs' fragile respiratory mucosa.
    The food needs to prepare for special milk cake food during milk. It is recommended to buy dog ​​food of large brands. At the same time, you also need to prepare nutritional creams, pets with goat milk powder, etc. to supplement nutrition.
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  2. Dog nest, rice bowl, some dog's bath products, dog food, toys, dog comb n, if you bring it home on the first day, you must let it be familiar with the environment first. bathroom. Must have love.
    The advantages and disadvantages of purebred dogs and mixed dogs
    Many people will have a question when deciding to raise dogs: Is it good to be a pure -breed dog or a mixed dog? In fact, whether it is, whether it is Raising pure -breed dogs or mixed dogs have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    The advantages and disadvantages of purebred dogs
    advantages: can predict the appearance of adulthood. Because it is a pure -breed dog, when you are very young, you know that its future body shape, color, hair length, and even personality.
    Disadvantages: Some purebred dogs have easy diseases. You can understand what are the more common diseases you want to raise according to statistical surveys. For example, common pheasant hydrophilic diseases, large dog gold pickers and Labrador picked hunting dogs commonly hip diseases.
    The advantages and disadvantages of mixed -seed dogs
    advantages: some purebred dogs have only diseases, and some mixed -seed dogs will also be found, but the chance of occurring is relatively low.
    Disadvantages: It is impossible to predict the appearance of the body after adulthood, because it is usually difficult to see the puppy's mother and father, so the puppy's future body appearance, hair, and even personality are more difficult to understand. Breeding.

  3. When many people buy dogs for the first time, they will blindly buy a lot of useless things. Pet doctor tells you that which supplies must be bought and which are not necessary to buy
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  4. Preparation of novice dogs
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  5. Go to the pet shop once.
    Gouncing: Give it a comfortable nest, it is recommended not to close the cage, unless you do not teach well. Towel or something, it is convenient for you to clean.
    Eat: Buy puppies, recommend Bergiji puppies.
    The bowl of eating and drinking water.
    To buy a drip bottle for drinking water on the cage.
    In bath: Dog's special fragrance waves, bathing pots, towels, must have a hair dryer.
    (The puppy bought it back and dirty at the beginning. Don't wash it, it is easy to diarrhea or something after washing,
    The diarrhea is almost the same)
    The first week of the first week, prepare a towel to help it wipe the face, feet, fart every day, feet, fart, Just fart.
    Dog belt: If you want to hold it out in the future, it is best to give it a dog with a dog belt from a very young age. Root long rope.
    pull: Choose a fixed place, spread it on a newspaper or something, let it develop the habit of pulling, it is recommended to get a bigger
    Water absorption, such as newspapers) is convenient for you to clean.
    growing up, you can let it go out, not pulling at home.
    toys: Dog toys that do not have to buy pet shops, expensive, and dogs The dog seems to have no interest. Prepare a few small
    The plush toys to give it, or small pillows can also be used. You can bite it and be happy. R n Dog certificate: Consider yourself, whether you have to apply for a certificate. It is quite expensive.
    , as long as you hit the dog's limelight, don't take it out to slip. No one in the neighbor should not report it. .
    vaccine: The puppy must be vaccinated when they buy it. Generally, the dogs you buy, at most 2 combined seedlings, you want to give it yourself 6 or 7 union. When you hit the pet, you must go to the regular pet hospital
    , remember to remember, otherwise you will not get it well ....
    others: Look at yourself, you can buy it or not. Clothes, shoes or something 🙂
    Time: More accompanying it, take a name, often call it, 2 days will become your little fart, haha!
    Is to develop: When it is done by it At the time of the wrong thing, it was educated in the 3 seconds that it had just finished. After 3 seconds, it would be inexplicable 🙂
    It to think about it before raising, it is troublesome to raise a dog. Once raised it, it is raised. Just take good care of it, take good care of it,
    . It depends on you to survive. Do not discard it because of busy or sick or other reasons. Especially when you are sick, you must take it to go to it. The hospital cannot abandon it.
    Is my suggestion is useful to you ... 🙂

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