2 thoughts on “What dogs are suitable for raising in the countryside most people like it”

  1. It must be a dog with a full -scale household -seeking coefficient
    We we like the black back of our hometown. The elegant point is called German shepherd dogs. In fact, it is also a smart dog. The key is to obedient. People in their own family never bite, very safe
    and bit dogs. The fighting dogs are very good. It is very light to see the nursing cow and sheep. Waida and Du Gao, these two types of training are more common, especially Du Gao. Care is very suitable, but Du Gao is a bit dangerous compared to
    It is also very good. The personality is docile and good, although stupid, but people are obedient ~ The home nursing homes are not very good, but usually accompanying out to hang out and wandering is good
    ok cheeky. Like Dubin, look super handsome and super aristocratic

  2. Chinese pastoral dog, referred to as native dogs, because no matter what kind of dogs, they are almost raised in the countryside.

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