5 thoughts on “Which dogs are the best in home in the countryside? Why?”

  1. If you want me to choose. I will choose the Chinese Garden Dog. Because it is the most approachable, and the docile is not chaotic to the owner.
    Wolf green dogs, a kind of wolf dog in our country, is fierce. In the dog breeds in rural areas, they are generally guarded by fish ponds. It is easy for strangers to be barking. The tall body shape can make many criminals retreat!

    The Chinese pastoral dogs, who have lived in the countryside for thousands of years in the countryside. The farming society starts. This kind of dog is active in various mountainous areas. Being able to survive in a variety of complex mountainous areas, they will observe words, and they can distinguish between enemy friends under the action behavior of the owner. Generally, they are mainly housekeeping!

    Tibetan mastiff, tall and powerful appearance and body shape, have a strong visual impact on anyone, the natural king's temperament, the great majesty, inviolability, strong territory aware Strong offensiveness and desire for guardianship are absolutely unquestionable on the home nursing homes and guardianship!

    It simply for housekeeping, it can be said that there are countless things that can be said to be countless. Almost the nature of dog breeds!

  2. Wolf green dog, a kind of wolf dog in my country, is fierce. In the dog breeds in the countryside, it is generally a guardian fish pond.

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