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  1. Is it too lonely at home? Keep a pet to accompany you!
    Speaking of pets, the most popular is probably cats and dogs. There are vacant yard in the countryside, and the vast land is suitable for raising dogs.
    1, Berry dogs
    An old shepherd from France, they guard the sheep and gather them together by walking around them. During World War II, it was used as a communication dog, guard dog and police dog. The hair is long and slightly wavy, with a layer of good background. Black, gray, yellow -brown, without white markings.
    is very agile and like work. Protective behavior, highly vigilant, unbelievable strangers, suitable for protecting family members. Perseverance, goal -oriented education and cautious socialization process is very important. It is necessary to move a lot to be used as rescue dogs. If it is properly fed, it can become a loyal partner. Very suitable for companion.
    2, Bomei
    This is handsome, friendly, not aggressive, very charming, highly vigilant, but easy to excite, hair is easy to knot. Suitable for pets.
    3, border herd
    The shepherds of the border are a shepherd dog originally originated from the Scottish border. Smart, good at expressing. It can accurately understand the owner's instructions. Among all breeds of dogs, IQ ranks first in the world. Smart, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good at communicating with the owner, gentleness, loyalty, and obedience, and their loyalty can be described with shadows. Because of his gentle and loyal character, he is a good pet choice.
    4, raccoon cat
    The origin of Tanuka cats is China, and it is many varieties and reserved varieties naturally selected thousands of years later. It has beautiful, thick fur and healthy body. It's easy to feed, very good at catching mice. Cats have an independent personality and like sports. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive and highly dependent on its owner. Its expected life span is generally between 13 and 17 years old. The expected life of sterilization male and female cats is 1 to 2 years longer than the average expected life expectancy.
    The should be kept in pets with conditions permit.

  2. It is still more suitable for raising kittens and puppies. Do not be so expensive for varieties. You can also raise a rabbit, which is also convenient to feed. There are many rural grass, which is pretty good.

  3. Suitable for dogs. Because the rural areas are wide, walking dogs will be more convenient, and dogs are more loyal, which can play a role of housekeeping.

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