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  1. Friends who raise dogs know that dogs are active in life, so if they accidentally eat toxic foods or pharmacies when they accidentally eat them. Then we learn some small knowledge of emergency treatment to prevent this situation in life.
    1. Revoic poisoning:
    (pathogen): zinc phosphate is a kind of S rat. Dogs are ill because they eat poison bait or have not swallowed the mice that have been poisoned.
    (Symptoms): The manifestation of the diseased dog is that the eating Y fade, and then the vomiting does not stop (the vomiting is in the dark), and it is accompanied by diarrhea and abdominal pain. Recover the smell of garlic, breathe difficult, edema, and can be fainted at the end.
    (the pace of prevention and treatment): There is no special effect of this disease. If the diseased dog is just poisoned early, it can be filled with 10 ~ 30 ml of copper sulfate solution from 0.2%to 0.5%, urging it to vomit and squeeze the poison in the stomach. After Cui vomit, use 0.02%potassium permanganate solution to lavage gastric, and then use 15 grams of sodium sulfate. In addition, 5%glucose saline is being injected by vein (disabled of pulmonary edema). The venous injection 500 ml contains 1 ~ 5 mg of heopopyphrine gland aquaccharine solution.
    2, stable poisoning
    (pathogen): Stability is a kind of powerful mouse medicine. Due to the strict stability of stability, or because of the place where the poisonous bait is located or not, it is poisoned by accidental food.
    (Symptoms): After the diseased dog is eaten by the mouse, the injury is poisoned within a few minutes to 4 hours. The manifestation of the sick dog is the symptoms of the physical depression and the difficulty of breathing, and there are symptoms of vomiting and spitting foam. Then, diarrhea, cough, visual mucosal hair clamp, and foam -like red SE mucus flowing out of the nostrils. After 10-12 hours of accidental food, the dogs are fainted and lethargic. The pulse is fast and weak. The future manifestation is that the breathing is difficult, the disturbance is not safe, and the X -spasm has been forced.
    (control pace): There is no detoxification drug for this disease. In the era of sick dog poisoning, in real time, vomiting such as Abu morphine can be given in real time. When the sick dog is very weak, there is no feed agent, and oxygen can slow the disease. At this time, the composition of a 10%wow solution can be used to prevent the tracheal foam. Such as using cystine to prevent further development of pulmonary edema. At the same time, give an exudate X diuretic, and use 50%glucose solution or glycol alcohol solution to eliminate pulmonary edema. What should be noticed is that when dogs are poisoned, pulmonary edema is often severe, and then venous injections must be slowed down. At the same time, they should also accept the pace of strong heart and liver.
    3, the poisoning of the s rat spirit
    (pathogen) S rat spirit is a kind of mouse medicine. Dogs are poisoned because they mistakenly eat the S rat spirit poison bait or because they have not eaten the body of the mouse or other living things that have been poisoned by S rat, and they are poisoned.
    (Symptoms): If the diseased dog seizures X poisoning, it can be born immediately without pioneering symptoms. When the diseased dog is the poisoning of Ya Jian X, it is reflected in the difficulty of breathing. It can be pale across the mucous membrane, and the nosebleeds and blood in the stool are rare symptoms. In addition, when the sclera, conjunctiva and internal bleeding in the eyes are very fragile, the heart beats back, and the rhythm is not aligned. For example, the bleeding of the diseased dog is in the cerebral spinal cord or subordinate gap, which is reflected in mild paralysis, raid balance, spasm, or rapid birth. ]
    (control pace) The healing of the diseased dog can be used to use a deep agent or anesthetic machine to persist in the calm of the pathogenic dog. When the diseased dog has difficulty breathing or severe blood deficiency, it can inhale oxygen to the sick dog to extend its survival time and strive for treatment. Other vitamin K is also soluted in a 5%glucose solution with veins.

  2. It is recommended that you try it like this:
    Mee the type of mouse medicine first, and quickly judge the type to search the Internet after searching the Internet. You can call the well -known veterinary hospital in Beijing for help.
    It if the dog eats and misunderstand (yes, sometimes it will be poisoned), please find the nearby water source as soon as possible, rinse the nose and oral cavity, and you can wet your head and body. Can relieve the fastest and even cure.

    The pet hospital as soon as possible and handed over to professional veterinarians for treatment. After all, veterinarians have been cultivated by professional knowledge, which is more professional than those of us.
    The benefits of doing this: Dogs will be effectively treated as soon as possible, and the chance of mourning mouse drugs will be minimized. It is also the golden time of rescue after eating mouse medicine. Will get the greatest guarantee.
    Strophica: If the dog encounters misfortune, you must deal with the rats of the culprit to prevent other dogs from eating mouse medicine by mistake. Pet dogs for others to eliminate hidden dangers, and dogs have a safe and loving growth environment. Mouse medicine is a poison for the purpose of eliminating mice. Mouse, also known as "mouse", not only achieves certain harm to vegetables, fruit trees and crops, but also infectious various diseases. More than 10 popular natural hosts such as diseases should be carefully controlled. Baidu Baike

  3. If no symptoms have occurred, you should immediately fill soapy water and vomit, be careful not to pinch. Let the dog completely vomit the stomach until the soapy water that is only vomited.
    If you already have convulsions, drooling, consciousness ... After vomiting or not to vomit, you must seek medical treatment immediately, keep the position flat, your head is biased towards one side to prevent suffocation. Remember to explain to the doctor's ratio of the ratio or bring it directly on the mouse medicine packaging.

    Prite for some illegal production and sale is that highly toxic and fatal ingredients are strictly prohibited, such as cyanide amine ... Once the efficacy of taking the medicine is appeared immediately, and it will be in a short time in a short period of time. Due to respiratory palsy. If unfortunately ... must be mentally prepared.

  4. My family was eaten by a mouse medicine when I wandered at the community at five in the afternoon. The rat medicine was very small. I didn't find when it was eaten at 10:40 pm. Blood silk, I do n’t know us anymore, jump up and down, and urinary incontinence. When we hug it, it is crazy, but we won't bite us. I think it will know that it will not hurt us. Take it to the pet hospital right away. This time was closed. After contacting the doctor for more than 20 minutes, the dog had been pumping, a bit spit, and then the doctor came to the dogs to calm down, detoxifying, and such as needle and infusion. Put it in a glass instrument and take it home to infusion at more than 12 o'clock in the middle of the night. The dog has a little consciousness, but the consciousness is blurred, does not know us, but does not know us. , And then fell weakly, it was very strong. We all thought it would get better. It looked at me without blinking for a while. We all slept, and it left at six in the morning. I cried for a month. I want to know if dogs are not cured or not good enough for dog poisoning.

  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is very happy to answer you. Dogs took mouse medicine urgently vomiting.nDog vomiting method: 1. First use soapy water to promote vomiting, which is relatively safe and the effect is not bad. 2. You can use hydrogen peroxide vomiting, but hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidation, and we must strictly control the amount of usage. Generally diluted according to the proportion of 1: 9. 3. Immediately take it to the hospital for vomiting.nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~nCan I vomit after I have eaten it for 3 days?nis that usefulnAnswer your dear, I suggest you go to the hospital directlynDear, after eating for 3 days, you have digested it in the stomach. At this time, vomiting is useless.nQuestnAnswer dear, no, you can only go to the hospital for examinationnDear, let the doctor check if there is any problem with the dognMore 8nBleak

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