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  1. Stop the water first, and then the biggest distress of the basic common sense of the dog's dog is the excretion of the little golden retriever dog. Without notice, the house is full of mines. You are upset and lose your confidence. Here is how to correctly train the golden wool to the toilet:
    is more effective.
    physical therapy
    1. Wipe your feet pads with wine, belly, ears (once every 2-13 hours)
    2. Put it on the belly with ice cubes (put it for about a minute or so Remove it, put it for a while)
    3 Cold bath: Soaking in cold water can help the temperature decrease, as long as the pet's physical condition is not bad, the pet owner can let it soak in ice water for five to ten minutes.
    4 Towel wrap: For dogs with smaller figures, you can use cold water
    . Training golden retriever dogs to the toilet, you must start the first day when the small golden retriever dog returns. The training time varies from the dog's memory. Maybe it may be one or two days, maybe one or two weeks or longer, but it must be taught until it is learned. You should not close the little golden retriever dog in a cage because of fear of trouble, so that it will never learn the toilet etiquette.
    . Let the golden retriever dog know where to go to the toilet in advance, and stipulate that it must be convenient there. Prior to this, you need to know the physiological habits of Golden Mao Dog, including:
    1. After playing for a while, you can sleep very sweetly, but often you have to urinate when you wake up.
    2. Shortly after eating, you need to defecate. When you send it around the house in the house, you must pay special attention.
    3. When you start training golden retriever dogs to go to the toilet, a similar situation occurs immediately when you occur, because it is possible to make the golden retriever dogs convenient for convenience. When the golden retriever is convenient for the appropriate place, it should pat its head and praise its behavior correctly. On the contrary, if it is convenient for inappropriate places, the owner should drink "not good" and "no", and cooperate with a strong gesture to express his dissatisfaction with his behavior.
    4. The owner can also cultivate the habit of going to the toilet during a walking on the walk. If the habit of bringing the golden retriever dogs regularly to take a regular walk, over time, it can naturally endure that time, but don't forget that when the golden retriever dog is excreted outdoors outdoors, the owner must be responsible for doing good after -treatment. Do not take it Stay in dirty.
    . When the golden retriever dog should be convenient when it is not convenient, it should be escorted to the scene of the crime and told it with a harsh tone of "not." When the Golden Mao Dog was scolded two or three times, it could understand that this was a punishment after doing something wrong.
    If this kind of training, if you miss the opportunity, it is useless to scold the owner, because the golden retriever dog cannot understand the reason for being scolded. In addition, Golden Mao Dog will want to pee when excited, especially when there are guests visiting. At this moment, the golden retriever dog should also be used to blame at the scene of the accident. However, if the cash hair dog is often excited, you still have to bring it to the animal hospital for the veterinarian! rnrn两脚直立训练rn1.可以零食或者狗粮拿高点,让他开始学会跳高来吃,到最后就会慢慢习惯两脚站立来吃东西r n2. The rope is tied to his body (with a wider one, otherwise he will strangle him), and then lift his legs and let him use his legs to walk like this. Know how to stand upright.

    In quiet before giving ration training
    A many Teddy babies are hungry, they will be annoying, often jump, catch things or surround you with excitement. At this time, we will have to be going to Shooting his back, or catching him with his hands to soothe her, let him gradually calm down. At this time, he gave it dog food. Gradually he would get used to waiting for you to feed him quietly.

    Coules around the dining table
    This dogs can see the owner eat. At this time, they will be particularly excited and scream around the dining table, which makes people feel uncomfortable. People think you are abused dog abuse, so at this time you can pinch her with both feet and let him stab at your shoes, so he will not scream.

    The teach him not to bite things
    When the dog does not make mistakes, you must not hit him, otherwise he will remember you or even bite you.当他咬了东西的时候就打她,然后指着它咬的东西,然后在拍他的小脑袋安抚她,长久这样训练,他就不会乱咬之前咬过的东西了rn
    Pelement and shit
    Dogs usually solve physiological problems in the place where they are accustomed. Many dogs like to pee in the corner. If we miss the home, there will be odor. At this time, we need to buy a induction agent, spray the inducer in the designated place, and then let him smell it. Naturally, it will know where to pee and pour shit.

    This dog sleep
    The dogs like to be next to the owner. The place where they usually sleep will choose to be next to the owner's bed. The hair mixed to its hair is not good for the human body, so when the dog sleeps, you must take it back or rush back to your own nest every time. Sleep in your kernel's nest.
    In steps to read
    This does not eat random
    Dogs usually see those who eat, and they will become particularly excited, and even turn the trash can at home. This is very Trouble, if he ate things in the trash can, it would be easy to get sick. At this time, we can smell the things in the trash bin. If he wants to eat it, you will hit it (just pretending to fight, not really playing), insist on training 3-4 times a day, and it is over time over it over time. I won't dare to approach the trash can anymore

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  3. Small dogs are a infectious disease, so it is not recommended to treat the owner at home
    . If there are many dogs at home, you need to isolate the sick dog to avoid transmitted to healthy dogs and regularly do well. House disinfection work.
    Secondly, a dog with a sick dog goes to the pet hospital and stops the water and stops. The resistance of the body.
    In more, injecting interferon, monoclonal or high serum, and anti -inflammatory drugs, and in accordance with dose injection or oral antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections. If the dogs have symptoms such as vomiting, dilute, dehydration and other symptoms, it needs to be replenished and taking antomicism and diarrhea.
    Finally, you need to strengthen your daily care. Pay attention to keeping the dog warm.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  4. What should the dog have a small you should deal with it?

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