Russian women forget their pet dogs by elevator. The dog was lencar in the air outside the door. Did the dog finally be saved?

5 thoughts on “Russian women forget their pet dogs by elevator. The dog was lencar in the air outside the door. Did the dog finally be saved?”

  1. Many people like pet dogs, but in the process of raising dogs, some people are more careless. In Russia, a woman forgot her pet dog when she took the elevator. As a result, the dog was stuck outside the elevator by the rope and hung in the air. So, did the dog finally save it?
    . Why is this dog holding stuck outside the elevator?
    In general, dog breeders often take their own dogs down. This Russian woman also takes her dog out, but because the dog rope is too long, and the woman is advanced, this woman is advanced. After the elevator, you have to forget your dog outside. Some of the dogs are inside the elevator. The other part is outside the elevator. After the elevator is closed, the dog's dog rope is also stuck on the elevator. This dog was also hung up and hanged in the air.
    . In the end, how did this dog be saved?
    At this emergency, a man suddenly rushed and unravel the dog rope so that the dog was saved. It can be said that dogs are lucky. This is enough to show how careless the owner of this dog is.
    . When taking the elevator and walking the dog, what should you pay attention to?
    Since many buildings now have elevators, and because the floor is relatively high, people will mainly use the elevator up and down. Therefore, when bringing dogs into the elevator, if the dog is small, you can hold the dog. If the dog is large, you should use the rope and control the dog to avoid others who take the elevator at the same time. Bring a mouth to the dog. In fact, even if you do n’t bring a dog, you should pay attention to taking the elevator. If you hold the torrential rope in your hand, you should roll the rope first to prevent the other end of the rope get stuck on the elevator, causing a certain danger. In short, although the elevator has brought great convenience to people, when riding, it should also abide by some rules and regulations on the elevator. This can be connected to avoid some unnecessary damage or trouble.

  2. Recently, the corridor monitoring of a community in Russia has taken a thrilling scene. In the video, a woman holding her pet dog to enter the elevator may be too long. The hostess quickly pressed the elevator and quickly pressed it after walking in. The next 16 -story keys are waiting for the elevator door to close, and the dogs are still outside the door until the elevator door completely close the careless owner. The elevator began to rise, and the dog's traction rope became more tight. As the elevator floor became higher and higher, the puppy was pulled directly into the air. Fortunately, the passing man quickly untied the traction rope and hugged the puppy in In his arms, he returned to the original road of the elevator until the confused hostess.
    The news that dogs have forgotten the elevator to be suspended in the air more than once. Fortunately, every time there are enthusiastic passers -by to rescue the victims of dogs and avoid them from receiving secondary injuries. When this kind of thing, the director's responsibility cannot be shown. Since the traction rope is holding a traction rope, we must take responsibility for their pets. They add color to our lives, so we must ensure their safety in the bustling metropolis.
    The owner of a family with a "cub", I deeply realize that the dog has a certain fear of the elevator, and some dogs will choose to escape the narrow closed space, so I want them to take the initiative to enter the elevator. There is a certain high difficulty, so every time I go out to walk the dog, I choose to hold my "cub" to hold my family, and do my best to give him the strongest sense of security, and to prevent him from scratching in the elevator because of panic. If it is a large dog, I suggest that it is best to take the stairs. After all, it is walking the dog.
    The cats and dogs are petite and cute in our eyes, but we must look at them with an equal eyes. It is both our pets and an independent life. Life is equal. Forms exist. Treating every life is what humans must do.

  3. It is saved, and from this matter, we can tell us that we should pay attention to dogs in life, and there should be every movement of animals.

  4. The puppy was saved. There was just a little brother outside the elevator. He hugged the dog outside and arranged the traction rope. The puppy had returned to the sea owner, and the puppy was not injured.

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