What to do if the dog has dermatitis!

Dogs, half a month ago were accidentally injured by the door, and later found that the skin color of the nose changed dermatitis, what should I do! Intersection
The white is ointment, levofloxacin hydrochloride ointment. I wonder if it is useful?

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  1. How to treat dog dermatitis?
    Ter dermatitis is an inflammation of a dog's skin dermis and epidermis. There are many causes of catalysts. It can be roughly divided into: mechanical, chemical, fungal, parasitic, allergic and other factors. Dog dermatitis is a kind of dog's skin dermis and epidermal inflammation.
    . The cause of cortexitis:
    The causes of cortexitis are diverse. It can be roughly divided into: mechanical, chemical, fungal, parasitic, allergic and other factors.
    1, mechanical: necklasses, autologous contusion, scratching cause trauma dermatitis, burns, frostbite, radioactive damage, etc.
    2, chemical; chemical bath, rubbing irritating drugs, and pusal secretions have been stimulated for a long time.
    3, fungal; sulvation, gypsum -like mulist, and tingling bacteria.
    4, parasiticity;
    5, food allergies and drug allergies can cause dermatitis.
    . The main points of the diagnosis of dog dermatitis:
    1. The skin of the dog has a sheet, strip -shaped, or influential shape, and it can be covered with idiots when exudation. The ulcer appeared, and there was a sense of pain.
    2. When a large amount of inflammatory exudation and chronic dermatitis of the skin can be seen, the skin is blocked off. The thickening of the thickened peptide and cracking.
    3. When suffering from a fungal dermatitis, the affected part is removed, with white powder scabs locally, and red protrusions under and around.
    4. When the parasitic dermatitis, the head, back, and abdomen can be seen with red rash nodules, yellow scoop skin on the surface, and hair removal and itching.
    . Prevention measures for cortexhritis:
    1, desensitization and itching: oral or muscle injection of corticin hormone, Poposya L milligram / kg of weight, dexamethasone 0.15-0.25 mg / kg weight.
    2, sulfa ointment bureau.
    3, chronic dermatitis can be applied with acetic acid to remove inflammatory ointment or acetate ointment.
    4, fungal dermatitis can be wiped with climazole ointment, ringworm ointment or Dacinnin ointment.
    5, skin parasitic dermatitis, refer to the treatment of creep mites.
    6. For dermatitis with bacterial infection, antibacterial therapy can be applied throughout the body, muscle injection of penicillin or galcin, 2 times / day.

  2. This is a trauma, not a skin disease
    This is sprayed with anti -inflammatory drugs. Be careful not to get it in your nose.
    This to eat light dog food, drink boiled water and slowly, you can wear a small bell for him.

  3. Dermatitis is infected with bacteria. Before my dog ​​had dermatitis, I bought some medicines on the Internet according to recommendation. If you need it, you can try it. The Pippi spray is sprayed in the wound. Congzazo ointment can be applied to the top twice a day. Remember, be sure to bring gloves.

  4. I use my dog ​​to use Pippi spray. This medicine is a dog skin disease medicine that is commonplace in my home because this medicinal effect is really effective. Baidu knows more.

  5. The friends recommended by friends, Kang Niu ingot, their dogs love to eat this. Before that, they had skin diseases. The effect was very good.

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