1 thought on “What pet dogs are better in the countryside?”

  1. 1. Golden Retriever: It has a mild personality, especially for children with excellent patience. Coupled with its inherently good group consciousness, it is very helpful to pull closer family relationships.
    2. Labrador dog: It is the first choice for cultivating guide dogs, so it is stable and gentle, especially treating disadvantaged groups. Old people, children, etc. have extraordinary tolerance.
    3. Bagu dog: It has both a funny appearance and a gentle personality, which can bring infinite joy to the family. In addition, its body shape is small, which is almost the first choice for residential households.
    4. Big Dog: It was praised by the American dog breeding club as the best playmate for children. She has a free and enthusiastic personality. I love to play with children. It is the most suitable for families with the backyard.

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