What pet dogs are popular, good sales

As the title, the fierce dog of the Tibetan mastiff is too dangerous. I am more optimistic about Bomei. Everyone gives a suggestion

6 thoughts on “What pet dogs are popular, good sales”

  1. The small dots include toy VIPs, which are what we usually call Teddy, as well as Bichon dogs and Bomei Beijing.

    The large dogs have ancient shepherds and Alaska. Although they are large, they are very docile and very popular

  2. What dogs do you say is popular and sales. I personally think that the varieties you like in areas are different. As for whether the sales are good, it refers to breeding or trafficking? It is a different concept. "Pomeranian" is a kind of silk dog, which is more delicate. Generally, girls and ladies like it. Recently, Tibetan mastiffs, German Mu, Su Mu, Golden Mao, Samoyed, Chow Chow, etc.; They are more optimistic.

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