4 thoughts on “Many people now like pets. What dogs are better for office workers?”

  1. Dogs are good friends of our human beings. Many people now like pets, but for office workers, their largest time is at work every day, and there is no time to take care of the dogs, but they want them too Raise a pet to accompany yourself. So is it suitable for office workers? What kind of types can be raised? The following editor will introduce several dogs that office workers can raise.
    The people now like to raise pets. What dogs are better for office workers?
    The first, French bullfighting dog. What about this dog, the scope of their activities is relatively small, the volume is relatively small, and they don't like to call. They can quickly adapt to the densely crowded apartments. For someone like office workers, they don't need to spend too much time on them. Don't worry about yourself when you are at work, your own dogs will disturb other neighbors. But in order to allow the dog to have a healthy body, the owner is better to give him a lighter food, and take it out every day.
    The second type is also known as the apartment dog, Sherry. It is very suitable for office workers in the city. Their biggest advantage is that they do not lose hair. Small experience. For office workers, they don't have to spend a lot of time to clean up the fell hair for the dog at get off work. There is no need to endure his unpleasant smell, but many times the owner can still steal laziness. In addition to his little beard, the owner needs to sort out his hair every day. You can feed it some dog food with deep -sea fish oil.
    Because it will make its hair more beautiful, if its hair color is bright, it will be more convenient to take care of it. In addition, Corgi is also very adaptable. His butt has always been the source of people's laughter, followed by its bouncing power. The character of technology dogs is relatively independent, and he will not be too sticky. When the owner is at work during the day, he can play alone at home, but it should be noted that it has a little hair loss. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the owner is best to feed some low -salt and light dog food every day. The above three are dogs that are suitable for office workers who are suitable for office workers in the city.

  2. I think office workers can raise Teddy or Bomei. Their size is relatively small, the process of feeding is relatively simple, and they are particularly cute.

  3. The office workers will raise Erha. Er Ha is lively and cute, so that you can live in your romantic innocence all day long.

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