2 thoughts on “Where can I buy pet dogs in Chengdu?”

  1. Pet shops and dog markets. If the dog market, the east station, and the north station should be available. For pet shops, there are generally around the community. However, if you do n’t understand the dog, you can easily be pitted no matter where you go to buy it. Before, my buddy bought a Teddy as a birthday gift for her girlfriend and spent 2700. Later, one time he saw a video on the Internet: Chengdu bought a pet tutorial at a low price, and my buddy found that in fact, the Teddy he bought, who knows it, only needs 600 yuan, and you can buy it. Having 2100 yuan, equivalent to his salary of half a month. Therefore, if you want to buy pet dogs in Chengdu, you must watch this video. There is nothing else, I hope my answer can really help you and not be pitted.

  2. There are many pet shops in Chengdu, you can take a look at the pet shop closest to your house. The pet dog there is still good.

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