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  1. I often go to work for what pet dogs are suitable for raising
    The pet dogs that are suitable for raising often. Each office worker is in their own home, company, two o'clock, so we must choose to choose pets. Too much time to take care of them and share with you what pet dogs are often suitable for raising.
    What pet dogs are suitable for work. 1. Teddy dogs
    Girls generally prefer Teddy. ), Teddy is small, and the space occupied is not very large.
    2. Corgi dog
    has always been pets of the British royal family. It has strong adaptability! Its butt has always been a hot spot for people, and its ass is simply large. The key is that its bouncing power is also quite "amazing". Although the legs are short, it will "fly".
    . The personality of the Corgi dog is also relatively independent. It will not be too sticky. The owner works at home during the day, and it can also play at home. In addition to the serious hair loss, it is better to take care of and Breeding. If you raise Corgi in office workers, you can often bring you laughter everyday.

    3. Chihuahua
    If you want a smaller body shape, Chihuawa is a good choice. They can accept staying at home alone during the day, and the owner is more assured. But Chihuahua loves barking very much. It is best to train well. When training, when the dog performs well, a small piece of snacks are rewarded, such as chicken dried, sheep cheese, etc. Barking will be more worry -free.
    4. Golden Retriever
    is the most common home dog, because it is easy to raise, has patience and does not require much requirements. As long as it exercises regularly, food and veterinary medical examinations are enough. The uniqueness of Golden Mao is that it is a flattering personality. It belongs to a well -proportioned, powerful, and lively dog ​​species. It is characterized by solidity and reasonable cooperation with the body. The legs are neither long nor clumsy. Police police, self -confidence and not afraid of raw
    5. French bullfighting dog
    . They are small in activity and can not bark. They can adapt to the relatively dense population apartments. For office workers, they do not need to spend more time to accompany them. They go out to exercise, and do not have to worry about the dog's rest because of barking, but in order to make the dog have a healthy body, in addition to feeding light dog food, it is best to take a dog for a walk every day. R r r r
    6. Sherry
    is called "apartment dog", which is very suitable for urban office workers. The biggest feature of them is that they do not lose hair and have a small taste. Clean the hair from the dogs at work after get off work, and do not have to bear the dog's appreciation. It is often lazy to raise only Sherry, but its beard is more difficult to take care of it. The owner is best combed it for it every day to feed the dog food with deep sea fish oil every day. It is more convenient and simple to reason.
    It often work for pet dogs 2 1. Teddy dog ​​
    teddy is very smart, lively, excellent, and easy to be approachable. It is a loyal dog breed. We can often see Teddy outside the face without any reason, and this kind of small dogs can also be raised at home. It doesn't matter if you don't have much time to take out. It is also very troublesome to get stinky.
    It should pay attention to giving it beauty in the process of raising Teddy, so that it not only becomes very beautiful outside, but also brings out to show off, showing off how beautiful your dog is.
    . The Malzis dog
    This dogs are very popular among girls, and the dog's personality is also very cheerful and lively. I usually make some funny and cute expressions. Very emotional, very dedicated.
    This dogs are very suitable for raising as partner dogs. And when playing with children at home, it also allows children very much. Such dogs are very famous abroad and belong to one of the more famous players in Europe.
    The overall appearance: small body, long body. The body has white hair, very elegant and high.

    . Pomeranian
    The personality of dogs such as Bomei is very personal. If they make it happy on weekdays, they will make it jumping alive, and even roaring The chaos was very happy; if something was frightened, or it caused it to be unhappy, he would make a "fierce evil evil" expression to arm himself.
    But in fact, Bomei's heart is very timid, and it may be scared to urinate. Therefore, many people could not accept it when they encountered Bomei Dogs at the beginning, but after a period of time, they found that Bomei dogs are really good.
    The appearance of the Pomeranian is also very cute. It usually burst hair in winter. The hair around the neck is as cute as a scarf, and the hairy on the tail will become very fluffy and beautiful.
    The most important Bowome dogs are also very suitable for raising at home. Because of the small physique, it is also very convenient to bring it out, just as light as a bag.
    The dogs such as Bomei are also very smart and very sticky. If you raise Bomei dogs, do not raise other dogs, or even touch other dogs in front of it, otherwise it will be otherwise, otherwise It is very angry and sad!
    four, Yorkshire
    , Yingxia is not large, and its name is mainly a face -to -value partner. It has a beautiful hair to set off its beauty. Su Rian is not large, but its personality is really brave. When the owner encounters danger, he will come forward, which is very loyal to the owner.
    The people who do not know will not look close, they will only leak enthusiasm for the owner.
    This dogs like to run and play at home. They are generally not suitable for outdoor, because the hair is prone to dirty. Other dogs are much larger than it, and they are not suitable for playing together.
    This dogs particularly like to play with children, and children also like it, because they are small and look beautiful, they look like a furry toy.
    It what pet dogs are suitable for working in work, what pets are good for office workers
    This they prefer to eat and sleep. Especially during the day, you can't wake up. When the night fell, the hamster began to sell Mengla. It is indeed a well -known statement to take care of the hamster. For office workers from nine to five, hamsters are quite suitable.
    Turtles do not need to take care of special care, and have strong disease resistance, which is very suitable for office workers. And it doesn't matter if you forget to feed things. If you change some water every few days, you will be ok when you sun. I have raised two, and they are very strong. Children's shoes that do not take care of pet experience can be considered.

    It yes ~ You read it right, it is indeed lobster. For office workers, water breeding is a luxury dream. But lobster is another matter. The lobster has a strong vitality, and the price is not very expensive. It is basically convenient to put it in the aquarium, which is very convenient. Move worry.
    oted ears
    The rabbits are relatively cute, and the price is not expensive. I used to raise a black rabbit, and it looks pretty good. Therefore, it is better to choose a pet rabbit, and pay attention to buying professional rabbit food, otherwise the taste of rabbits is smoked. In addition, rabbits are not annoying. Therefore, the office workers can also consider buying a rabbit to accompany themselves.
    It birds can also know the owner if they take care of them well, especially in the category, which can bring joy to the family. There are also many people around them to raise pearl birds, so it is okay, so it is recommended to raise it to office workers.
    Chinchillas know the owner, and the obedience is cute. Now many of the urban office workers have raised My Neighbor Totoro. This is also my next goal, and I also recommend it to you to force the office workers.

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